What is the Effigy?

In the tradition of Burning Man, the culmination of Constellation will be an effigy burn. The effigy can be anything you can imagine built out of burnable materials.

The effigy is a celebration of community. We help build it, gather around it, watch performances involving it, burn it, and dance to its warmth. There are no real parameters to the project except that it be of significant size and burnable. Using the event name or theme is ideal but not required. Projects that involve the community on multiple levels are preferred.

Effigy by Hap Rust, Constellation 2017. Photo by Patty Simonton

What is the Temple?

The Temple, like the Effigy, will be a special art piece at Constellation.

The Temple at Constellation is meant to create a reverent space where participants can meditate, honor what has been lost or gained, go inward, slow down, let go, or whatever other experience can be made of it.

The Temple can be burned or disassembled for use at other festivals, local communities, etc. to spread the healing.

Criteria for Effigy/Temple Build!

The criteria for the Effigy and Temple are the same as those for Art Grants found HERE with the following additions/exceptions:

  • More leeway in what the money is used for, in terms of building supplies, rentals, etc. is given to such projects.
  • A greater percentage than average of funding is generally allowed for these grants.
  • Infrastructure such as stages and equipment can be covered by these grants.
  • Disposable consumables are still not covered by these grants.  

Application information for the Constellation 2023 Effigy & Temple will be announced later this Spring.

The below information applies to Constellation 2022 and is included for reference only.

Build it!

Do you have an awesome idea for the Effigy or Temple? Submit a proposal:

  • Please read the Art Grant FAQ for more information
  • Complete required Constellation Art Grant Budget document using provided template that must be linked and submitted with application.
  • While the Constellation 2022 Art Grant Application has been closed, we are still looking for both an Effigy and Temple Builder! If you have an idea that you need help making a reality, please reach out to producer@constellationburn.org.