It’s happening!

Constellation 2022 will be October 6 – October 10, 2022

Returning to the beautiful Pegasus Farm Campground in Elkins, West Virginia.

This multi-day event, hosted by the FirePony Creative Society, will be an opportunity to come together to connect, explore, build, burn, heal, dance, and challenge ourselves to go beyond the boundaries of what we think is possible. Our collaboratively built city will be constructed entirely from the imaginations of the city’s inhabitants. We are radically inclusive, and we’d love to welcome you!

Everyone who attends Constellation 2022 must be fully vaccinated – this means you must have received the 1-dose J&J vaccine or two doses of the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine by September 21. If it has been more than 3 months since you received the 1-dose J&J vaccine (up to July 5) or 5 months since you received your second dose of the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine (up to May 5), you must receive a booster. We strongly recommend that anyone who is eligible to receive the updated bivalent booster does so before the event, but we are not requiring it for all attendees. The COVID-19 Policy applies to both adults and minors over the age of 6 months. More information on the policy, what it means, and why we chose it can be found on our website here: COVID-19 Policy 

Volunteer sign-ups for Constellation 2022 are now open! Please sign up for a Volunteer shift. We can’t do this without your help!
The Map of the Known Universe is now available! View the Map and a list of 2022 Theme Camps.
A list of Art Grant Recipients for 2022 is now available!
The 2022 Hitchhiker’s Guide is now available for download! Printed copies will not be provided to attendees, but a few copies will be available for viewing on-site.
Ice & Minor Tickets (aged 13-17) are now available for sale on the Ticketing Website. Sales will be open through September 29.

If you’re interested in helping coordinate Constellation 2022, please shoot us an email at

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