If you bring your own generator remember that you have an obligation to ensure that it’s used in a safe manner and that anyone you allow to use it should be trained in it’s safe fueling and operation. Hot generators and flammable vapors are an easy way to endanger lives, so if a Fire Safety Team member or producer tells you the location of your generator or fuel depot is not acceptable, please don’t argue…just comply. Failure to conform to any of these rules can lead to your generator being shut down for the duration of the event.

  • ALL generators must have an accompanying appropriate fire extinguisher (for most folks this will be an ABC fire extinguisher) of sufficient size and ready to use.
  • Generators must be placed in an area that is free of brush, debris, and other flammable materials.
  • Fuel must be stored a minimum of 10ft from the generator and any other heat sources, and out of direct sunlight. Your fuel storage area must have a “No Smoking” sign posted.
  • Generators must be completely shut down prior to beginning refueling.
  • Absolutely no smoking while refueling.

How loud is your generator? A lot of generators are loud: please incorporate sound baffling in your generator plans. If this is your first time baffling a generator please remember to use fire retardant materials in the lining and allow enough breathing room to prevent your baffle from becoming tinder. A properly baffled generator can be placed wherever Fire Safety requires it without the noise keeping you, your campmates, or the neighbors from complaining.

Allowable times for generator use: please be considerate of your neighbors, and during nighttime hours limit generator usage to necessary health and safety purposes.