(Please note: the details below are from 2019 and is for informational purposes only until 2020 info is finalized.)

Constellation Art Grants

Art enables humans to grow, thrive, learn and love. Art projects thought, feelings, movement and participation. It creates experiences and can help build community. Constellation Art Team Support (CATS) is proud to administer and offer art grants to help you fulfill your creative visions and contribute to creating these community building experiences. These grants are intended to support and promote radically-expressive, community-based, interactive and/or collaborative projects that help shape the creative core of the event. Anyone can apply for an art grant; you don’t have to be a professional or even consider yourself an artist. We invite YOU to create something awesome!

To apply for an Art Grant:

  • Review Sample Art Grant Questions. You may save a copy of this form, answer the questions and then you will be able to copy and paste into the live form all at one time as will be required by the application process!
  • Complete required Constellation Art Grant Budget document using provided template that must be linked and submitted with application.
  • Applications are closed.

What is Interactive Art?

It could be an object or performance which:

  • requires external human interaction to be completed, or
  • prompts people to interact with one another, or
  • responds to participants and to its environment, or
  • provokes actions, or
  • transforms participants into active contributors to your creative process.

Interactive artists inspire the participation of others in the art piece or performance itself.

What type of grants are available?

FirePony Creative Society offer 5 category of art grants. The number of projects nor the amounts granted to each are limited, but the total amount of funds we have available will impact the final results.

New Art Grants
1. New Art Grants
For new small and large interactive art created for Constellation.
See Art Grant FAQ for more info.
Refurbishment/Re-Use Art Grants
2. Refurbishment/Re-Use & Burner Exchange Art Grants
For existing art projects or art projects to be used at multiple festivals/civic events such as FIGMENT, etc. Covers repair and maintenance of existing art projects or maintenance and transportation to our event for art that has previously appeared at other Regional Burns or Burning Man.
See Art Grant FAQ for more info.
Theme and Sound Camps
3. Theme and Sound Camps
Art grants for artistic projects in making the theme camp awesome and interactive. Cannot be used for providing food or drink of any kind. May be applied for as a full theme camp or individual.
See Art Grant FAQ for more info.
City Art Grants
4. City Art Grants
Art grants for artistic projects in helping to make the city of Constellation safe and beautiful. This can include things such as city infrastructure, lightning and signage. Examples could be bus and shuttle stop benches, neighborhood/area signage, street signs, acculturation signage i.e. anything to improve the city for everyone.
See Art Grant FAQ for more info.
Art Car/Mutant Vehicle Grants
5. Art Car/Mutant Vehicle Grants
Mutant Vehicles must be registered and have approval before a grant will be awarded. 
See Art Cars and Mutant Vehicles for more info.