We recognize that we stand on the homeland of the Lenape, and pay respect and honor to the caretakers of this land, from time immemorial until now, and into the future.

Welcome Home! 

Grab your bags! Pack your lights and gifts (but you can forget the glitter)! Organize your supplies! Finish your art!

In the flurry and rush of all the things to prepare, I invite you to take a break and reflect with us, and remember it is Indigenous People’s Day. We are hosting this big reunion of friends, celebration of art, and unity on land with a long and rich history. One that includes us, the Cook and Custer family, and highlights the Lenape Nation.

You may recognize this name now if you come to Playa Del Fuego in Tamaqua, PA. We’ve talked about them before. We would like to thank the Lenape Nation for taking the time to answer our emails so we could form an even better acknowledgment of them. Something that they would really love from us as a community is to keep in mind that they are not a relic of the past. The Lenape are very active, ever present, and continuing their traditions. They have a strong belief that no one owns these lands, that the land can no more belong to any one person or people. “It, and all the life it supports, are our relations.”

You may also recall that the Lenape Nation is fighting for official recognition from Pennsylvania. As stated on their website ,”Pennsylvania is the only state (commonwealth) in the Lenapehokink that has never recognized its indigenous peoples. Lenape nations in Wisconsin, Oklahoma, and Canada have been recognized by their respective federal governments. Lenape nations in New Jersey and Delaware have been recognized by their respective state governments. The Lenape Nation of Pennsylvania is actively pursuing recognition by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, with the support of our many community friends and partners in Pennsylvania (and beyond). Our people work in Pennsylvania businesses, vote for Pennsylvania officials, protect Pennsylvania rivers and watersheds, and attend Pennsylvania schools, colleges, and universities. We directly call upon Pennsylvania officials to recognize the Lenape Nation of Pennsylvania.” Please Sign their Petition to gain recognition! Once again, an acknowledgment without fully active support, is preformative.

In the spirit of keeping our acknowledgment of the Lenape people in the present, they have a very active event calendar. On October 21st and 22nd, there is a 10 year anniversary celebration for the Chester County American Indian Cultural Festival. It states all are welcomed, and with $5 for admission you can help give support and witness dancing, drumming, singing, vendors, food, and much more.

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