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Instructions to print the booklet: 

1. Send the file to your printer and specify landscape printing (if it doesn’t do it automatically), double-sided printing, and to flip on the short side.
2. The booklet uses .25″ margins. If your printer can print with .25″ margins, you shouldn’t need to specify Fit to Print. If your printer can only print with .5″ margins, specify fit to print (everything will shrink a little.)
3. After printing, make sure the cover is facing out and fold all the pages in half like a book
4. Staple in the center vertically along the spine. Most standard staplers can’t quite reach, so here’s what you can do: bend the stapler back on its hinges. Place the page stack facedown (cover facing out) on a soft surface like a carpet or rug. Punch the staples vertically into the spine through the paper into the rug. Carefully pull the stack off the rug, keeping the staples punched through the pages. You can then flip the stack and bend the staples manually with a butter knife or another flat surface.