Theme camps are groups who provide an interactive experience that helps build the texture of our temporary city. Through the provision of activities, venues, and other participatory efforts, Theme Camps form the foundation to make the city of Constellation come to life.

A Theme Camp is a gift to the entire community and we’re thrilled that the following Theme Camps will be participating this year!

Theme Camps – Constellation 2018

Theme Camp: Cenosilicaphobia

Description: Cenosilicaphobia is dedicated to the fine art of homebrew – be it beer, cider, or mead – and finding the best company to share it with. So do you, too, suffer from Cenosilicaphobia—fear of an empty glass? Bring your lonely mug by, and we’ll put fears to rest.


Theme Camp: Namast’ay In Bed

Description: Yoga Sequence with 200 RYT Friday and Sunday @ 11:30 Vegetarian Chili Saturday 6 pm S’mores Friday and Saturday evening @ 7ish at fire pit Tarot readings by Bonnie, potentially fueled by wine, by appointment.


Theme Camp: Coffee and Contemplation

Description: Please join us for French press coffee each morning, made fresh for you. Hang out while the water boils and enjoy some contemplative time in our comfy cafe.


Theme Camp: Balls Camp

Description: Balls Camp Happy Hour Fri 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm; Balls Camp Potluck Saturday 1PM


Theme Camp: Illumination

Description: We’ll light up the night sky along with videos and cartoons and whatever trash we can find on old VCR cassettes, DVD and Laser Disks.


Theme Camp: The BEST Camp

Description: Chill camp of seasoned burners keeping an eternal campfire to warm you and light the way. Hosting a few special events over the weekend.


Theme Camp: Palmettica

Description: Free WyFy, well I’m WyFy, free me!!!


Theme Camp: Catastrophe!

Description: Return to the Octonest to chill, as we orient towards Constellation again. Catastrophe! is hidden in plain sight, and you might end up there at any time! Check out our chill, cheer, and art!


Theme Camp: Low Expectations and Bad Decisions

Description: Come on by Low Expectations and Bad Decisions for the quality Pickle Back shots you know and love. Or just say hi. We also may do a New Orleans Jazz Brunch or an Irish Yoga happy hour. It will be fun…


Theme Camp: SheepStuff

Description: Temps a little lower than you anticipated? Mountain chill got you down? Come by to SheepStuff where wrapping you in the warm goodness of wool is our pleasure. Come meet Pinkie, the iSheep, too! Donations of 100% wool items and sheep stuff appreciated.


Theme Camp: Wine Man Camp

Description: The Wine Man offers fresh, handmade fresh wines in a variety of flavors to tickle your taste buds. Stop by, relax and sample the many flavors of delicious fresh fruit wines. Meet and chat with new friends or enjoy catching up with those that you know as you sample your favorite flavor from nature.


Theme Camp: All Folked Up

Description: An unplugged place to gather and swap folks songs; protest songs, love songs, story songs, traditional ballads, etc.. Acoustic stringed instrument, wind instruments percussion instruments; if you make sounds with it, bring it !


Theme Camp: Videogasm

Description: Come by Videogasm and enjoy our open Playa Theater. We have a diverse collection of shorts, animations, independent productions and just plain odd offerings. Have a short of your own? Bring it by. We’ll also offer some kind of communal meal during the event.


Theme Camp: Pyramid People

Description: We love pyramids and other geometric shapes. We set up a giant purple pyramid to hang out under, we give away pyramid necklaces, and we play games using pyramids. We also solve cubes and enjoy round things.


Theme Camp: The Deadly Muppets

Description: Deadly Muppets Lounge is a place to chill, share and build community. The lounge is very relaxing with its jewel tone cushions, tapestries, Persian rugs, and a collection of lava and glitter lamps as decor. Participants are able to come enjoy the fragrant and exotic flavorful tobacco-filled hookahs.


Theme Camp: Very Important Burners (VIBs)

Description: The VIB Lounge embodies the principle of Radical Self Importance. Privileged and approved burners will experience: Signature VIB swag, VIB Table Service, and VIB Signature Spa Services. All VIB services are offered in our first class, lakeside VIB lounge. We accept payment in Gold and Nepotism.


Theme Camp: Camp )*( Elemental

Description: Chill space during open hours


Theme Camp: Camp Jellyfish

Description: Drink and Chill with Jellyfish (ongoing) Taco Fiesta Friday (6-7pm) Tutus Make People Happy! (art grant, hours vary) Themed Happy Hour (Friday, 7-9pm) Cake! (Saturday, 2-3pm)


Theme Camp: Camp Dreadful

Description: We invite all other-worldly beings to join us for spooky fun times! This year’s theme is CATZ AND BATZ! We have some devilish games in store, but the fun really begins when the sun goes down. Come make s’mores or tell us ghost stories & see what hair-raising libations our bar-bats are brewing up!


Theme Camp: Coop De Grace

Description: Coop de Grace offers breakfast fare starting at sun-up with lounge space for you to roost. Join us Sunday at Noon for Hotcakes and Hotpants where you can show off your beautiful plumage, strut around in your finest booty-shorts, and enjoy our brunch offerings before flying the coop.


Theme Camp: White Dragon Noodle Bar

Description: The White Dragon Noodle Bar returns with your favorite vegan shiitake ramen noodle soup! Bring a bowl, bring us gin, bring a friend to sumo (win or lose you both skip the line!). Noodles at sunset, fresh snark all day long. Playa tested since 2004; accept no substitutes!


Theme Camp: BAR

Description: BAR – Shittiest dive bar on the playa. Only the lowest shelf booze and the cheapest beer is served by the most incompetent. Grab a drink (if we don’t run out), grab a seat (if we brought enough) and enjoy some tunes (if our sound system doesn’t break).


Theme Camp: Lovelap

Description: House, Techno, DnB, yadda yadda…. come get down with us.


Theme Camp: Radish

Description: And lo, Brad said unto us: “If thou wouldst be Rad, keep holy the Way of the Vegetable.” Consider the mighty pumpkin. From pumpkin spice to ghosts and ghouls to those little candies that sort of taste like wax, the tricks and treats of Halloween can help us all be a little more Rad.


Theme Camp: Shut Up Dinosaur Stu (SUDS)

Description: “Ask a Doctor” booth: We have several camp members who are smart and stuff. We feature an MD, an astrophysicist, a psychiatrist, an attorney, and perhaps even an anthropologist. Ghetto Mimosas: Ever try mixing Sunny D and champagne?


Theme Camp: Camp Im/Mortality

Description: A coffin to enable people to reflect on mortality and to “rise from the dead.” Workshops. Discussions. The Midnight Streak.


Theme Camp: Jaggerbush Speakeasy

Description: While adventuring across playa, you may stumble upon a torch lit path to a mysterious door that opens into a bar very different from the rest. Enjoy a classic cocktail, meet a soulmate, sing a song on our stage or dance the night away in our intimate candlelit space. Just don’t forget the password!


Theme Camp: Nacho Average Cuddles

Description: Come get a little cheesy with us and enjoy nachos for all! Vegan nachos! Breakfast nachos! While you’re getting saucy enjoy a hug or a cuddle in our lounge area with fire pit. We would like to have a specific Nacho Happy Hour on Friday at 4pm And a Hug Parade at 4pm on Sunday.


Theme Camp: ShitShow for Science

Description: Please join us to get weird! Halloween Day! : Friday, October 5th. This is an all day event! Costumes encouraged! Alcoholimpics: Saturday, October 6th. 1 – 4:10pm. Got what it takes to out drink a friend or a ShitShow member? We’ll put you to the test. Bring a cup and come get silly!


Theme Camp: Catharsis

Description: Come dance, heal, learn, make art and discuss with Catharsis; we are also bringing our stage for your to perform on!


Theme Camp: Töad Meädow

Description: Welcome to Toad Meadow, don’t get too comfortable. We’ll be serving drinks after dark over our flaming bar, so bring your IDs. Hop over for a round of flaming tetherball (safety equipment provided). The hedgehog will be returning to Constellation once again, so stay off the road.


Theme Camp: Loud Erudite Goblins on Fire


GOBLIN MARKET: “We must not look at goblin men; we must not buy their fruits; Who knows upon what soil they fed their hungry thirsty roots?” Are you ready to make your dreams manifest in reality? Sneak on down to the Goblin Market and get what you deserve. Oh yes, our (almost assuredly not cursed) wares can be yours, at a price—except your money’s no good here. The Goblins seek something else…but what?

ASTRAL APOTHECARY: Hungering for Wholesome Healing for the unHealthfulness of your Heart? Searching for Satiation for the Sickness of your Soul? Ready to make your dreams and desires manifest in reality? At your wits end and need to file a metaphysical complaint? Do you need a fully public witch doctor to prod you, or do you prefer to exchange tears of happiness for a semi-cursed previously owned amulet? Come to the Goblin Market and Astral Apothecary and you will get what you deserve. Complimentary feelings for the first ten participants to consent to treatment. All Prices Absolutely Fair. All Deals 99% non-negotiable.”


Theme Camp: Camp Thunderpants

Description: We’ll be setting out afternoon coffee, tea and dessert. Join us for Tea and Jam, and please bring your most enthusiastic singing voice and any instruments you have to play some music while digging into sweet treats.


Theme Camp: Kids Camp

Description: Lots of toys and games, Moop-free arts and crafts, dress-up costumes, Hendrix and Marley vibe tunes, Snacks, and adult refreshments. Shelter from potential rain.


Theme Camp: Pink Heart

Description: Pink Heart invites you to our oasis of shade, fur couches & pink pillows, chilled cucumber water, hot water to keep you warm at night and love. Recalibrate your body, mind, and spirit in our Pink Lounge while connecting and sharing experiences.


Theme Camp: Scratch’s Costume Camp

Description: Looking for something to upgrade your look? Have with something fabulous that you’re ready part with? Visit Scratch’s Costume Camp where one person’s clothes, wigs, & accessories become the fashion treasures of another. We offer a way for you to gift something to someone who will love it, and we also help you to magically find the missing link for your outfit. Our decidedly amateurish fashionistas will deliver our own special brand of loving snark when you arrive, help you to pump up your look during daylight hours, and then stalk you at night to complement you. Supermodel attitudes are welcome (if warranted).


Theme Camp: Iguana Chill and Jam Camp

Description: We offer chill space for playing string and percussion (and spontaneous drum circles) instruments all day and night. Additionally we have a fire-pit and hot tea at night


Theme Camp: Camp Contact

Description: Camp Contact offers Workshops around Dance, AcroYoga, Yoga, Tantra and more. We set up a chill space and and massage tent, and possibly a Steam Bath!


Theme Camp: Camp BeeMore

Description: Camp Beemore is a Baltimore-based Burner menagerie of visionary mischief-makers, uninhibited booty-shakers, virtuoso world-creators, avant-garde awe-curators, fathomless dream-dreamers, unrelenting plan-schemers, earth-shattering music magicians, extraordinary experience technicians, rowdy blissful chaos agents, and trickster status quo reagents. Home is wherever we build our Hive, and we give our all to keep our vision alive. Our hands may be dirty but our spirits are free and we’re shaping the kind of world where we want to bee. A Bee is industrious, but never a martyr; we work feckin’ hard but throw down even harder. We keep it buzzing non-stop (a Bee’s work’s never done) but the sweetness we all share is damn worth it, hon.