Constellation 2018 – Ranger Training

Hello awesome soon-to-be-Ranger!

We’re doing something a little different with pre-event Ranger training this event. Instead of trying to get everybody on a web conference at once (doodle poll anyone??), or spending your time at the event covering basic material, we’re providing the training materials for you to read and listen to at your convenience, and at your own pace, and then having you join one of several live online sessions for review and Q&A.

We hope that this will prove more convenient for everybody, and let us better use the time we spend together, both online and onsite.

Ready to dive in? Great! Read on… 

Step #1: Please read the Ranger Manual, then listen to the training session (about 2 hours).  Note that, in the course of the recorded session, you’ll be given an assignment that you must complete.  (Hint: you’ll be writing an email.)

Link to Ranger Manual (google doc)

Link to Recorded Training Session (google file, mp3)

Step #2: After you’ve read the manual, listened to the recording, and emailed your assignment, you’ll need to attend a Google Hangout with Ranger Inkwell and/or Ranger Sauerkraut, our Ranger trainers. 

There are four (4) scheduled times for the Q&A hangout; you are free to attend any or all of them, but you must complete the assignment from the recording and attend at least one of the Q&A sessions to get credit for the training.

Important! We will not be conducting a full training session onsite.  Instead, we will have a Ranger orientation and scenario role-playing session at Constellation on Friday evening.

Join us at Ranger HQ from 6-8pm on Friday, Oct 5th to meet your fellow Rangers, address last-minute and site-specific issues, have an in-person Q&A session, and play some Ranger training games.

Note that we do not plan to have printed Ranger Manuals to hand out onsite.  If you want to have one with you at the event – and we encourage you to have one – please print out a copy and bring it with you.  We do plan to have maps of the site to distribute to Rangers (and other Safety team volunteers).