Constellation is hosted by FirePony Creative Society, (the trade name for Playa del Fuego, Inc), a 501(c)3 nonprofit based in Maryland.

The event is managed by a volunteer team that includes event producers, sphere leads, and department leads who collaborate to ensure that all the big pieces are in place. This amazing team welcomes YOU to join in the fun. Constellation is a participatory event, and we encourage you to explore ways to engage – as a volunteer, as an artist, as a theme camp lead. Our city runs on our collective energy!

Headquarters, Constellation 2017. Photo © Ian Herring

The 2019 production team includes:

Event Producers: Toaster and Emily

Sphere Leads:

Department Leads:

  • Operations:
    • DPW: OPEN – Currently Recruiting
    • DMV: Scho
    • Gate: Nico and Alanna
    • Ice: Naked Jim
    • Lamplighters: Cramer
    • LNT: Naked Jim
    • Parking and Traffic: Brutal, Chris, Liana and Loki
    • Signage: Wren and Ian
    • Ticketing: M4
  • Safety:
    • Conclave: Mama LesBalls
    • Guardians: OPEN – Currently Recruiting
    • First Aid: Givler and Godshot
    • Fire Perimeter: Banger
    • Fire Safety: Boru
    • Rangers: Ranger Jayzilla and Ranger Sauerkraut
    • Sanctuary: Dharma and Kris
  • CATS:
    • Art Grants: Juniper Bunny and Ed
    • Car / RV Passes: OPEN – Currently Recruiting
    • City Planning: Mel
    • Greeters: Kally, Ronnie, and Barb-wire
    • Sound: Teak
    • Volunteer Appreciation: JamesFonda
    • Volunteer Management: James
  • Communications:
    • Shadow Sphere Lead: Meghan
    • Hitchhiker’s Guide: OPEN – Currently Recruiting
    • Website: Fred