Information on RV Permits for Constellation 2023

An RV is defined as any vehicle, independently or when towing another vehicle or trailer, that is as big as or larger than a van. If you wish to bring an RV or Camper Van, you need to purchase an RV Pass on the ticketing page. Constellation 2023 will not have car camping permits.

Please Note: RV Spots are very limited and are sold on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you have a special exception or need and permits are sold out, please contact


If you arrive without an RV Permit for your RV, whether you’re part of a Theme Camp or not, you will be turned away. If you are not issued a Theme Camp Parking Permit or RV Permit you will be parking in the lot. Sleeping in your vehicle in the parking lot is NOT allowed!


RVs have a designated area and will not be in open camping. Weather conditions impact RV placement. Planning and Site Operations will do their best to place you at or near your preferred location, but all placement is subject to site conditions at the beginning of the event. This means that if you have an RV Permit as part of a Theme Camp, we will do our best to place your RV within your camp but you are not guaranteed to be co-located.

All decisions regarding approval or placement by City Planning are final. If you have any questions regarding RV placement, please email

RV Part of Theme Camp Requesting Space

If you wish to apply to park a car, trailer, or truck within your Theme Camp, please note this during your Theme Camp application. Please note: Theme Camps with RVs requesting an RV Permit will still have to pay the $50 RV Permit Fee. If you permits are sold out on the ticketing site but your Theme Camp RV Permit has been approved, please contact

Car Camping Permit

Constellation 2023 does not have Car Camping Permits. You must sleep in an RV or Van in the designated area or tent camp. Of note, sleeping in your vehicle in the parking lot is NOT allowed!

RV HookUps

Constellation 2023 does not have RV HookUps. RVs are responsible for all grey water removal. Please refer to our Grey Water Policy.


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