You may ENTER Constellation at the following times:

  • Thursday:   12pm (noon) to 12am (midnight)
  • Friday:       9am to 12am (midnight)
  • Saturday:   9am to 4pm

Exodus begins at 11pm on Saturday though 12pm (noon) on Monday.

Gate team will help staff all of the shifts listed above.

Guardians, an awesome breed of stargazers, will help ensure the safety and security of our community by tending to the gate overnight. These individuals will NOT be acting in a Gate capacity, so please don’t arrive outside of the hours posted above and expect to get in.

Please support the Gate and Guardian teams by signing up for a volunteer shift!

Driving in-and-out is strong discouraged during the event. In-and-out passes are $20 each, and are available to purchase on the Ticket site.

You’ll be able to pick up your passes at Camp Recharge.

Passes can also be purchased on-site – visit Jim at Camp Recharge, and he’ll help you out!

If you have questions or concerns, or have a special circumstance that requires that you arrive at any time other than the hours listed above, please email Please note that the team may not be checking email frequently, especially once the event begins.