Mischief at Transformus 2013. Photo by Jim Bourg

Theme camps are groups who provide an interactive experience that helps build the texture of our temporary city. Through the provision of activities, venues, and other participatory efforts, Theme Camps form the foundation to make the city of Constellation come to life.

A Theme Camp is a gift to the entire community and we’re thrilled that the following Theme Camps will be participating this year!

Theme Camps – Constellation 2017

Theme Camp: A Fistful of Grapes (Lite)

Description: We got a bar and a super fancy bar wheel with various options to share with people! We got a shade structure we can dress up as a saloon. We got tequila, whiskey, wine, sarsparilla, sharp sticks…

Theme Camp: Beemore Mischievious

Description: Blending fire, music, art, and chaos to create magic and love. Also we skullfuck people.

Theme Camp: Big Dick’s Hotdog Dome

Description: Big Dick’s Hotdog Dome will provide a friendly space for people to meet and share laughs and good times. We are constructing a 15 ft diameter geo-dome that will be the center focus of the camp. The camp will host a misinformation booth where burners can get completely inaccurate answers to any questions they may have. We will also have an interactive painting: all burners are encouraged to use the canvas and create the unknown.

Theme Camp: Camp )*( Elemental

Description: Camp )*( Elemental creates a mindful space of community builders, arters, HEALERS, and interactors. We are a varied group of vets, virgins, former TCOs, volunteers and other assorted do-ers that comprise a co-mingling of human energies all gathered together to advance The Burn and our community. Our space features the Elemental Abode of Peace, (aka Sanctuary South), a tranquil, naturally enhanced space within an enclosed, planted area featuring a flowing water cascade, flame pyres, Turkish rugs and pillows, and a devotional altar where participants can freely come to experience lush exuberance and peaceful mindfulness. Workshops, yoga, drum circles, thoughtful conversation, and new friends await!

Theme Camp: Camp Dreadful

Description: We are a new Halloween-themed camp with specific “sub-themes” for each event. For Fall Constellation, our sub-theme will be Skeletons/Bones. We will have ongoing activities throughout the weekend, such as cornhole games and ring toss games, and we also plan to hold other events such as an apple cider and fall drinks happy hour, and scary campfire stories with s’mores.

Theme Camp: Camp Gemstone

Description: The Gemstones spread their mineral magic everywhere they go. They are open to expanding the camp, but right now it’s just Ruby and Amethyst. They will be the ones wearing masks, in all red and all purple. Say hello and they might have something for you… The Gemstones will offer wire wrapping classes all over the playa! Just ask!

Theme Camp: Camp Gold Star

Description: We seek to reward individuals with hollow signifiers of achievement. At random times when it is cold out, we will serve our vegan mushroom broth (no drugs, just soup. At other times, if we decide to bring the bar, we will serve alcohol (ID Required).

Theme Camp: Camp Jellyfish

Description: We offer a bar, comfortable lounge area, and great people with whom to chill and relax!

Theme Camp: Camp New Hot Dogs Pt. 4

Description: Camp will have hot dogs of all sorts for all the people of sorts to gift. We may or may not deliver hot dogs to people around the burn depending on the weather and art cart availability. Chill area with giant inflatables for people to eat hot dogs in (weenie lounge) and dry area for kids to hide when it is rainy and cold. Above ground fire bowl. Fuel bank area behind the camp. We offer hugs and some bad ass burn advice as well. Maybe some kid rides if art cart makes it to site. We like to hide at night.

Theme Camp: Camp Prana

Description: Our theme camp will offer free nutritious vegan food to those who are seeking raw nutrition. Anyone is welcome. This is all home made recipes and food is purchased from local stores. Raw vegan food brings us closer to our inner most selves by cutting out the suffering we ingest while eating animals. And food brings everyone together.

Theme Camp: Camp Re-Charge

Description: Camp Re-Charge is the place to go to recharge your stuff that you use vs. going to your car. We have many USB Hubs and Power Strips to handle many charges at one. Bring your cables and feel free to leave them in our space and return later. We are a Blue-Light Safe Haven as well if we can assist.

Theme Camp: Campzilla

Description: Campzilla is a Theme Camp loosely based on Godzilla, and we are from the DC/MD area. We interact with the community through food, art and play. Our art is comprised of a city of bop bag toys, made up to look like skyscrapers (decorated with fabric “slip-covers”), which are weighted with sand at the bottom, creating bounce-back action when punched. A backdrop of colorful plywood buildings are arranged behind the bop bags, helping to set the scene. A stuffed Godzilla, beach balls of fire, and inflatable creatures are also littered about, as props for additional therapeutic play. We advocate for Godzilla play therapy! The intent is to encourage participants to pretend they are Godzilla-like towering monsters, fighting off adversaries and crushing the city below. Punching down buildings is the ultimate expression of monster-like anger and tension dissipation. Remembering the “Bozo the Clown” bop bags of our childhood, people are immediately pulled to punch and play with the bounce-back toys. We have witnessed people running into and diving head-first into a pile of inflatables, surfing and tumbling over them, roaring and laughing hysterically!

Theme Camp: Catastrophe!

Description: Come cuddle in the WORLD FAMOUS Octonest! We are a consent-driven and inclusive common space defined by the participants. What goes on in the Octonest? Relaxation and consensus. But REMEMBER! No SHOES, No SLEEPING, and No SEX in the Octonest, we can’t afford the dry-cleaning bills! KIDS, CHILDREN, & TEENS are welcome during daylight hours!

Theme Camp: Coop de Grace

Description: Coop de Grace offers late night eggs and toast starting at midnight with an adjoining lounge space for you to roost. Join us Sunday at 1pm for the Booted Bantam Brunch where you can wear your fancy dress, show off your beautiful plumage, strut around in your finest boots, and enjoy our wine and cheese before flying the coop.

Theme Camp: Dots N’ DISCourse

Description: Dots N DISCourse provides participants with a chance to make connections. We live in difficult times and making connections, physical and social, between people and ideas is often quite difficult. Often people attend regional burns for this main purpose – to connect themselves to something positive and larger than themselves. This interactive art game experience aims to encourage conversation and connection through physical and mental play.

Theme Camp: Dream Catcher

Description: Camp centered around a Short Bus.We plan on having a relaxing place to chill out of the sun or in the evening. We will be offering popsicles for all as we have done this at both Transformus and To the Moon burns. Additionally we will have music to relax with.

Theme Camp: Furry Camp

Description: Your neighborhood animal folk. We solemnly swear we are up to no good. Costumed escapades, a bar, and general mischief at random intervals.

Theme Camp: HELL YEAH!

Description: Our camp is a laid back fun zone. We’ll have a place for people to relax and socialize, some pretty lights, low key ambient music at times, a home built propane fueled fire pit for people to warm themselves around. We’ll be providing some food and drink and generally positive and enthusiastic attitudes. We’ll also have a home built laser light spirograph people can play with and maybe some lawn games.


Description: We’ll light up the night sky along with videos and cartoons and whatever trash we can find on old VCR cassettes, CED and Laser Disks.

Theme Camp: Loud Erudite Goblins on Fire

Description: We are Goblins. We burn things. Sometimes those things are each other.

Theme Camp: Lovelab – FullTimeMachine

Description: An vibe oriented sound experience empowering transcendence into human oneness in the Full Moon Gathering style. (Electronic Music via TurboSound)

Theme Camp: Low Expectations and Bad Decisions

Description: Come on by Expectations and Bad Decisions anytime for a drink and meet the consent-a-corn, our stuffed mascot. We will be hosting a Circle Joke Friday at 1:00pm, so bring your best and worst jokes to share and learn some new one. A circle joke is when everyone stands in a circle and tells jokes, and everyone that knows the punchline yells it out when the time comes!!!

Theme Camp: Namast’ay In Bed

Description: Come on over for Yoga Sun Salutations @ 9:30 Friday, Saturday, and Sunday mornings-four sets to honor the four directions on Earth. Practicing next to the giant silver twinkie. Vegetarian chili will be served with bread and salad Saturday 6-8 pm. Drop by for some wine & munchies, make a Mala bracelet, or have a Tarot Card Reading. We will have lots of lounging area.

Theme Camp: Oddish

Description: We want to be the very best. Like no one ever was. But we have to admit… we’re a little odd. If you like to challenge strangers who make eye contact with you, wish you could capture wild animals and carry them around in small capsules, or if you just burst into song at inappropriate moments, come visit. You’ll feel right at home.

Theme Camp: PANGEA

Description: PANGEA is a sound camp aimed at bringing together all aspects of music. Just like our world that was once melded into a supercontinent, we aim to collide cultures and interfuse all types of individuals through music & art. Wiggle to some fresh beatie beats at our jungley soundstage or lounge around and check out the oceanic visuals at our Panthalassa SeaDome. Get your weird on at our Playa Penis Pageant or Greatest Hits & Tits Dance Party!

Theme Camp: PIMP MY HOE

Description: ZEN Band will have a bonafide ZEN Band Hippie bus with an old Back Hoe Parked in front. The old hoe will be masked off and paint and brushes will be supplied for anyone to paint on the hoe. A sign will be placed on top of the back hoe saying “PIMP MY HOE.”

Theme Camp: Porcine Aviation

Description: The Tangle Dangle is our rock climbing twister wall is our main feature. Also home to Shitumz, the only pup that really gives a shit.

Theme Camp: Pyramid People

Description: We love pyramids and other geometric shapes. We set up a giant purple pyramid to hang out under, we give away pyramid necklaces, and we play games using pyramids. We also solve cubes and enjoy round things.

Theme Camp: Scratch’s Costume Camp

Description: Looking for something to upgrade your look? Have with something fabulous that you’re ready part with? Visit Scratch’s Costume Camp where one person’s clothes, wigs, & accessories become the fashion treasures of another. We offer a way for you to gift something to someone who will love it, and we also help you to magically find the missing link for your outfit. Our decidedly amateurish fashionistas will deliver our own special brand of loving snark when you arrive, help you to pump up your look during daylight hours, and then stalk you at night to complement you. Supermodel attitudes are welcome (if warranted).

Theme Camp: SUDS (Shut Up Dinosaur Stu)

Description: Shut Up Dinosaur Stu is a family of… well… people who enjoy wearing dinosaur onesies and telling Stu to shut up, because he really needs to shut up. If you know Stu, you’ll understand. We’re always happy to offer a stranger a seat at the fire, a respite from the rain or sun, a quesadilla, or a chance to listen to or share a story. We have a 30×12 grey reflective shelter with sides, and now a brand new larger firepit capable of warming additional souls. This year, we’re trying to add a cuddle-puddle-corner.

Theme Camp: The Echo Collective

Description: Echo’s blurple warriors bring their particular brand of bass and Playa love.

Theme Camp: White Dragon Noodle Bar

Description: The White dragon Noodle Bar returns with your favorite vegan, ramen shiitake noodle soup and fresh jokes about your mother. Bring a bowl, bring us gin, bring a friend to sumo (win or lose you both skip the line!) We serve noodles a sunset and snark all day long!

Theme Camp: Wiggle Zone

Description: Wiggle Zone encourages participants to not just ‘walk by’ but have fun wiggling. Enjoy Quentin’s burning art. Pull up a chair and join us as we teach you how to build a ‘mini-burn’. We provide the material to build a burnable sculpture under 12″ tall. Then we burn them at our camp.

Theme Camp: Wine Man Camp

Description: The Wine Man camp returns to offer its delicious handcrafted fresh fruit wines. drop by, grab a chair and relax and have a few samples and let us know which flavor is your favorite.

Theme Camp: Wrong Way

Description: We’re doing it the Wrong Way.