2019 Constellation Effigy: Lessons of the Earth Pig
By Euna and the Mid-Atlantic Fire Collective, featuring art by Quest Skinner

2019 Constellation Temple: Temple Tipplah-Can
By Mistress Catastrophe

Maya for pulsating sky…   At its apex the structure will stand 14ft tall and will have a footprint of 12 square feet.  The ground floor base of the structure will be handicap accessible and will house a cuddle nest, replicas of Maya friezes, and traditional flags from El Dia De Los Muertos, or the Mexican Day of the Dead.  The entrance of the structure will have a traditional monster mouth doorway, which Mayan’s believed to be a portal to the afterlife. 

الحب انفجار الفرح ( Ainfijar Alhabi Alfarah ) by Scho

Exploding with joy or bursting with anger, however you define this projects’ reaction to your shouting, your chastising, your ridiculing, your sweet talk, or your lervvvv, it may indeed both bewilder and entertain…at least until the propane tanks need changing.

Alien Pleasure House by Bardia

Meet an Alien, get close to it, sit in it and start talking to it. You will find out your mission is to give it pleasure. It will guide you with questions and answers to take you from being a stranger to an intimate person. The definition of pleasure is very broad and in most cases PG rated.

Consent Fairy by Eyrie Sam (aka Same)

Art can challenge us to think differently about things we take for granted. My art is to engage people in conversations about touch consent, especially but not limited to costume consent, as well as conversations about sexual health and disability/ableism.

Metamorphorever by Stilted Saint

A 4/5-piece art installation based on metamorphosis, but transitioning starting at the end (see above.) Coffin, “corpse”, chrysalis, tree, “angel”

Dark Universe by Space Cakes

This is an interactive sci-fi journey about depression and those who love someone with depression. There will be a physical piece with an accompanying original sci-fi story based on a real life relationship.

Nexus by Aubrey & Rainy

Nexus is a wooden, lasercut jigsaw puzzle whose hexagonal pieces will be distributed to participants on necklaces. Each piece of Nexus is designed so that it potentially fits with many other pieces. The result is trillions of possible 7-piece hexagonal grids of complete image-sentences.

Giant Rideable Unicorn by
Doug ‘Nataraj’ Shire and Laurence ‘Radar’ Clarkberg

To me, a unicorn represents magic, wonder, and childhood (and adult!) fantasy. What better symbol, then, to make an art vehicle out of. We wanted to create something so awesome that it would stop people dead in their tracks and make them go, whoa! I would say we have met that goal and then some, and we debuted our art at PDF 2019, so you may have seen it there. There are several modes of interaction with the piece. It is covered in reversible sequins that you can ‘draw’ on by flipping them over (a daytime activity), and you can either pedal the two-person art bike on bottom, or you can ride on top in the saddle (up to two adults). While in the saddle, you can operate the head of the unicorn to make “Sparky” gesture by pulling on the reins.

Fishin’ for Butn by SlimE

Fishing for prizes at Balls Camp using camp structure and creating various art pieces (necklaces, earrings, pendants, t-shirts etc) participants can come and fish at our dock during regularly scheduled fishing hours or if they happen by and a baller is available to assist.

Annuit cœptis by Heavy Weather Industries

A large pyramid with an LED all-seeing-eye.

Papula de Gaia by Bryce Peterson

The Papula de Gaia is a large and colorful dome, which provides a space for people to enter and relax. At the peak of the dome is a large spherical light, pulsating rhythmically. Inside the dome, there is a large breathing moss creature, similar to https://www.brycebot.com/moss-lung.

Tutus Make People Happy by Jamilah

I will host a make-your-own tutu workshop and provide the materials for participants to make a tutu.

10 Principles Windmill by Forest Fire & Balance

We have already built the majority of what we wanted – it was partially funded by Portal Burn. However, there is still room for improvement. We would like to request funding to add lighting and a few parts to do a better job catching the wind.

Welcome Home! Lets Start This Off With a Bang! by The Mid-Atlantic Fire Collective

Opening night pyrotechnic sky display, and effigy pyrotechnic display.

Effigy Lights by Wren Spencer

Will be artistically and beautifully lighting the inside and outside of the earth pig effigy in collaboration with Una the effigy designer.

Nighttime Oasis by flutterbi

The music has been loud for days. You walk and spot some dim lights in the distance. As you approach, you begin to hear soothing sounds. You see an odd bench. You decide to take a seat and ease into the experience. From this angle you can comfortably see these Constellations. You feel relaxed.

The Tiger Temple by David Nghiem

The Tiger Temple is the result of four years of research into Vietnam’s now extinct animist cultures and folklore. It’s a resurrection of an ancient artifact, rituals, practices, and beliefs that are extinct due to Socialist forces during the Cold War era.