Art enables humans to grow, thrive, learn and love. Art projects thought, feelings, movement and participation. It creates experiences and can help build community. Constellation Art Team Support (CATS) is proud to administer and offer art grants to help you fulfill your creative visions and contribute to creating these community building experiences. These grants are intended to support and promote radically-expressive, community-based, interactive and/or collaborative projects that help shape the creative core of the event. Anyone can apply for an art grant; you don’t have to be a professional or even consider yourself an artist.

The following projects have been approved for Art Grants for Constellation 2018.

Art Grants for Constellation 2018

Barron Saturday’s Parlor by Short Fuse
The parlor will have a traveling carnival meets Himalayan tea house feel to it. The space will serve two primary purposes; first and foremost it will be a tribute to the power of love and memory in the face of great loss and provide participants with a therapeutic way to reach out to lost loved ones. The second is that it would create a tranquil, sacred space where, much like at the temple, visitors could meditate and commune with spirit. Adding tea and tarot readings at the shrine will encourage participants to stay present and welcome them to take the time to just be.

Catastrophe! by Hap
Catastrophe! is dedicated to bringing art, entertainment, and chill to the burn. Our Octonest has been a welcoming and comfortable presence, and we look forward to returning it to Constellation.

Charlie the Peacock by Sco
Our group is called Digital Mechanical Sculpture. Charlie the Peacock is an animatronic steel sculpture with lights on the feathers which are controlled wirelessly and interact with music. Our hope is to captivate viewers and welcome other event participants / artists to perform with the peacock.

Diskos by Josh Cox
Diskos is a group puzzle where each participant gets a piece and must search out the pieces that match with theirs. As pieces are assembled, more and more of the underlying message will be revealed, and participants will have to decide how dedicated they are to pursuing the message together.

Flaming Picture Frame by Damon Hudac
Human-sized rectangle that emits fire, so people can stand inside it and take pictures.

Hanging on a Baltimore Stoop by Sherpa
Art represents the means of sharing stories and personal perspectives. My current hometown of Baltimore has been my current home for the past few years, and it has always represented this city with a pulse. Part of that vibrant pulse involves stoop culture, where people will just hang out on stoops to chill with their neighbors, read the newspaper, and observe passers-by. I hope that participants will take the time out of their wanderings to sit a while on the stoop/bench installation, spend some quality time with their friends/strangers, and share a few stories of their own.

Hecate’s Mercy by Laura Rizzo
Hecate’s Mercy will be a large effigy of the crone goddess and she will hold a symbol of the harvest and pagan new year-a pumpkin. Participants will be able to spend time and leave notes in her cauldron/pumpkin and as she burns so will those things people have left with her.

Inception by Viraj Ransing and Lorilei Williams
Smoke! Projections!

Lazy e’Scapad Dragon by PyroCelt
Meet the Lazy e’Scaped Dragon, a small beastie (at least in dragon terms) with a big heart, a big head and more importantly, a big cushy cuddle puddle on its back. Come for a ride on this escaped carousel carriage and get sucked into its comfy cuddle nests which are tucked under wings to keep you shaded and dry. This carousel carriage escaped its mundane routine – going round and round the same old track, every day, every week, year in year out – but now it broke free: this little dragon is off to explore the wild countryside! …and you guessed it: every carousel carriage has that pole coming out of its top, and you too can dance on this one! Oh, and fire. Hehehehe… MuahaHAHA: FIRE!

Life Saving Chair by Wil Allyn
It is a lifeguard chair…climbable, sittable, with a fully functioning porcelain convenience for your convenience, an elevated throne, a shitter with a view.

Playatel by Rechner
The telephone rings, it jingles our psyches, jangles our nerves. Playatel brings convenient wireline service home to the Playa. Make a call home to your theme camp from any of our conveniently located public payphones, or dial any of our special service numbers. Not your father’s phone company.

Solar Charge: TFC:Rump US! by Wendell Adkins
SOLARCHARGE:TFC:RUMPUS! is designed to be an example of the many possibilities available to us when we explore the abundant resource of solar power and utilize green practices to create and enhance our artistic and architectural visions. So Activate Already!

TutusMake People Happy by Jamilah Dalton
A make your own tutu workshop. Participants will be given instructions and materials in order to make their own tutu.

Make a Wish! By CidKid
Life is big. Feel small again as you gaze at nature from a bug’s life. Under the night sky a field of dandelions glow in the darkness, bright white fluff swaying in the cool night breeze. Pick a dandelion, make a wish, and blow.

iSheep by Jessie Newburn
I’m bring SheepStuff Camp, focused mostly on gifting warm wool items to chill and chilly Burners. I’ve worked out with Bardia Jaan, creator of iSheep, a Burning Man art honorarium project, to bring one of the sheep to Constellation. The iSheep are a consent-based interactivity art project.

Vortexi Propanis Hydratus by Scho
The universe is vast outside of comprehension, but we have learned many of its secrets. With this knowledge, I focus the power of lasers, water, diodes, and electrons to construct 2 pillars to stand in awe of creation.

Catharsis Mutating Stage by Ethos
This project is to create a beautiful two-sided, UV-reactive mobile facade.

Constellation Printing for Hooligans by Lindzor
I will be showing my fellow burners the technique of screen printing, and letting them do it themselves. It’s BYOC (bring your own clothes) to print or I will have a supply fabric pieces to make their constellation patches with.

DropCityFX by Juice
Lose yourself in a visual wonderland.

World’s Largest Moop Next by Mahseed
Giant bird nest with comfy center. Contains large eggs and pillows to keep warm and peripheral cracked egg for moop collection. Will incorporate plastic bags and moop into the weaving. As the festival continues, the nest will transform into a moopy nest.

Consternation Constellations / Capsule’s of Fun
Find one of the 5 capsule vending machines, come by and twist the lever to receive a constellation necklace, and then set out to find your star twin or burner twin, or game twin (whatever, we don’t judge). Stay tuned for additional treasure hunt opportunities on-site, too!

The Temple of Chimes by Michael Verdon
This is the Temple space for the event for people to go to and express their feelings of loss, grief, fear, and hope.