Two Effigies!

Forest Fire & Balance  –  Libra Burners

An Effigy made up of ambiguous shapes laid out as the Libra constellation

Mun  –  Firenado

A burning effigy with musical elements including bells, guitar strings, and drums with wooden hammers to strike them.

The Temple

Shawn Walton – Campfire

Campfire is a semblance of the fires we gather around at each burn. The principles will be carved into the wooden faces of the polygon allowing the bright LEDs inside to shine through, much like the light shines inside each of us.  Two additional lights will be mounted against the interior wall of the campfire and point at the polygon and its decorated reflectives.

And more!

Ceres Eilde  –  From Fiber to Finished Product

A blend of primary colors of dyed wool to create a set of gradient rolags, then spin the rolags on a spinning wheel to create yarn, which will be weaved into a scarf.

Wax & Kai  –  sɪˈdɪɚ.i.əl (Sidereal)

A mysterious darkly mirrored artifact of unknown origin that awakens  at night and pulses with a spectrum of colors and hypnotic sounds. Visitors to the artifact will need to look, listen, and touch it to unlock its mysteries. Visitors who are patient, observant, and clever will be rewarded.

Hatter  –  Star Spore

Star shaped bioluminescent spores pulse slowly and quietly inviting participants to touch it, activating it, and sending out star energy to the other stars charging them for a person to draw the energy into themselves. A quick-growing, fungus-like material  grows with a multicolored bioluminescent nature when disturbed. Star Spore grows in places of strange energy concentrations and fluctuations. Proximity to larger clusters has been shown to bestow a feeling of wonder, relaxes the mind, and enhances appreciation of the natural world.

Seasan aka Galactica –  Illuminated moon & constellations

A color changing illuminated crescent moon for night photography.

Wren Spencer  –  Propane Street Lamp

Propane street lamp brings warmth and mystical light to a corner of the city. 

Hallsi and Wren  –  SparkTree

A glowing tree/ bush made from addressable LED lights and prisms/ jewels/ fabrics.

Xanadu  –  Jelly Balls

Jelly Fish! At Balls Camp!

Saint  –  Mobility A-Go-Go

Mobility A-Go-Go is mobility devices – electric wheelchairs, standard wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, etc. for people that have mobility impairments and need some assistance to get around a towable trailer with a stripper pole that people can use in a mobile fashion to spread the fun and put a new spin on the concept of mobility.

Bradley (Know Signal) Snyder  –  Scraps

Burning Art. This piece is a collaboration of strangers, this project is a large wooden cube box frame for participants to attach “scraps” with no end goal, other than what the piece ultimately transforms into. Participants are asked to let go of something by bringing items suitable for burning such as scrap from home, a poster, and old t-shirt or a pair of pants (cotton/natural materials), old business cards, a parking ticket, receipts, a vehicle title, a stick you removed from your campsite  to transform this plain old box into something unique using the tools and hardware provided.

Dr. Vitamin and Just  –  Glow Rover

The Glow Rover is a one-of-a-kind art vehicle inspired by futuristic intergalactic space exploration.

Artist Cicada Magica & Cricket Deery  –  Cryptid Luminaries 

There be monsters. The wilderness is a dark unpredictable space and is fertile ground for our imaginations to run feral as we attempt to make meaning of the encroaching night. 

Dragon Reflections  –  Dragons’ Shrine of the Elements

A dragon themed shrine and lounge space with the traditional Greek elements Air, Earth, Fire, and Water surrounding it for divination and other magical practices.

Hiplomat and No  –  Chill Pills

Chill Pills is a radical gifting game in a prescription pill bottle and a small effort to counteract stigma surrounding mental health. DO NOT EAT THIS GAME.

Lacey and Scotty – Camp Serenity  –  Decades Roving Silent Dance Party

Decades is a silent “disco” that will have 20 head sets that will transmit dance music from the 70’s and80’s from our party wagon.

The Upcycle Workshop  –  Garden of New Life

The Upcycle Workshop wants to create a haven for those with a passion for repurposing. The Tree of New Life will be covered in upcycled stuff in a garden of antiquities as a beacon for the reusers among us.

Spoopy Isle  –  Spoop Cave

Bringing all the Spoop to Constellation burn.  The Bourbon Brigade will be dressing up our bar for a new and unique experience!

Brenda The Oracle  –  Mad Tea Party

Multiple art installations at the Mad Tea Party Camp

Anonymous  –  Find The Fox

Radio based scavenger hunt with a prize at the end

Courtney from Spoopyisle  –  Spoopyisle Wristbands

Custom designed Spoopyisle themed bracelets.

Chimera )'(  –  12 Principle Flags

The 12 Principle Flags. Stop by to see what the 12th Principle is! 

Chimera )'(  –  Free Candy

Free Candy is a a halloween themed mutant art cart candy bar wagon.

Colin Vale  –  Everything Changes

A four foot tall chameleon carved out of a hollow log.