Constellation’s Art Grant team is proud to administer and offer art grants to help you fulfill your creative visions and contribute to creating these community building experiences. Anyone can apply for an art grant; you don’t have to be a professional or even consider yourself an artist. We invite you to create something awesome!

36 Questions To Fall In Love / 37.2 Questions To F*ck Your Burn
Artist: Lauretta Prevost

The Alchemical Process
Artist: RJ Santana-Rogers

Blood Donation Center
Artist: Saint

Chill Pills
Artist: Hiplomat and No

Dirt Go Brrr
Artist: Dirt Go Brrr

Dragon Reflections Cafe
Artist: Dragon Reflections

Forest of Self Reflection
Artist: Randi Urbanski

From the Dirt to the Sky
Artist: Jocelyn

The Gift Horse
Artist: Saint

The Goddess Shrine
Artist: Carmen Honeybee

The Heart of the Jungle
Artist: Hallsi Rose and Wren Spencer

Artist: Giant Mushroom Tiny Goat

Jellyfish Don’t Pay Rent
Artist: Wren and Hallsi

Mourning Star
Artist: Mir Rust

Nighttime Oasis
Artist: Atom Glambert

Odd Ball Brigade
Artist: Fish & Chelsea

Pocket Moppets
Artist: Deadly Moppets

The Thirsty Unicorn
Artist: Xanadu the Well Hydrated Unicorn

Tiny F’ckin’ Hats
Artist: Yickity

Ukulele Way Station
Artist: Avid & the Matriarchal Goddess Training Camp

The Walls are Talking
Artist: Fidget

WelCum Dong
Artist: Mellysandra and Ceph


The Phantom Galaxy
Artist: Infinity Gathers
This year’s effigy was born from inspiration found in the new James Webb Space Telescope’s image of Messier 74 (M74), also known as the Phantom Galaxy. The Phantom Galaxy is host to over a 100 billion stars and located 32 million light years away in the Pisces Constellation.

This “Grand Design Spiral Galaxy” is often studied for its spiral arm structure and spiral density waves. It is estimated that 10% of all galaxies are this shape including Bode’s Galaxy (M81), the Pinwheel Galaxy (M101), and the Whirlpool Galaxy (M51a). Bode’s Galaxy is so bright that you can see it with the naked eye.

Spirals exist everywhere in the universe and endlessly inspire us. They have a special strength and movement. The Earth moves through space in a spiral in a spiral galaxy. The blueprints for life are densely bound in spirals. They are also found in Art dating back 12,000 years in Ukraine and worldwide ever since. We have been drawn into them by unexplainable gravity that will never let us go.


Beacon Temple
Artist: the Builder
Designed to help bring visitors home, from all planes, Beacon Temple’s tall center tower serves as the guiding rod for their journeys. Its structure was designed with three main styles; the shape of a mountain to offer visitors strength and support, two outer sets of wings shielding guests from harm while providing a safe space, and an inner sanctum for gathering, reflection, and healing.

I dedicate this build to the friend who introduced me to “burning”, we last crossed paths at Constellation 2019. I hope this beacon guides you home again, Chris.