Gate will be open 24/7 starting at 12pm EST on Thursday, September 28th through 7pm on Saturday, September 30th.

Please support the Gate team by signing up for a volunteer shift at HQ. Overnight shifts, in particular, are what enables your friends to arrive late night on Thursday and Friday, and require some extra coverage.

Driving in-and-out is strong discouraged during the event.

While participants will be able to leave at any time should circumstances require it, first-time entry or re-entry will not be permitted after 7pm on Saturday, September 30th.

If you have questions or concerns, or have a special circumstance that requires that you arrive at any time after 7pm on Saturday, please email Please note that the team may not be checking email frequently, especially once the event begins.


  1. A previous Shooting Star newsletter listed the gates closing at 8pm on Saturday. The correct time is 7pm on Saturday..
  2. The Hitchhikers Guide indicates that the gate opens at 5pm on Thursday. The correct time is noon on Thursday for general entry.