Fire art includes fire installations, flame effects, burnable art, etc.

Constellation has established a set of guidelines for fire art during the event. The spirit of these guidelines is to encourage artists to create art with fire, but also to consider health, safety, and clean-up issues.

Please read the fire safety guidelines and policy and if you have any questions about fire, fire rules, and/or requirements, please email

…AND if you will have fire or flame effects for art submitted for an art grant, as part of your theme camp, or as part of your Mutant Vehicle registering the fire/flame effect will be part of those applications. Someone from the Fire Safety Team will be in touch once application has been submitted to verify it meets the guidelines and policies. If you are bringing fire art that does not fall into one of these categories such as art that is not being funded, you will need to complete an Art Placement Application. The Fire Safety team will contact you for the approval of your fire effects and City Planning will contact you for placement.

Fire Art
Dreams and Demons by Amy Christine, Spring 2011 Playa del Fuego. Photo © Katie Gould