CONSTELLATION 2019 will be October 10-14, 2019 at the beautiful Pegasus Farm Campground in Elkins, West Virginia.

This multi-day event, hosted by the FirePony Creative Society, will be an opportunity to come together to connect, explore, build, burn, heal, dance, and challenge ourselves to go beyond the boundaries of what we think is possible. Our collaboratively built city will be constructed entirely from the imaginations of the city’s inhabitants. We are radically inclusive and we’d love to welcome you!

Important Ticket Info

Lightning Round of Ticket Sales – September 9, 8pm ET – RESCHEDULED to Monday, September 16th @ 8pm ET.  (See update)

And if you’re ready to jump in to help make this event the best one yet, we’re actively recruiting for the following positions:

  • Safety sphere co-lead

Join the 2019 Constellation Leadership Team!

Announcement about Ticket Sales & Car Passes – May 19, 2019

With the success of the 2018 Constellation Burn, we are excited to open the 2019 event to more participants, theme camps, and art! However, as those of you who were there last year remember, the site conditions due to historic rainfall led to some significant trouble for parking and site access. Since we want to encourage more PEOPLE to attend the event, we have decided to increase the number of tickets available for 2019 but also institute a cap on the number VEHICLES allowed to enter the site. Knowing the maximum number of cars that will arrive on-site will help us better plan parking, theme camp spaces, and art placement. In the case of another rainy year, we will also be much better prepared to deal with the challenges presented by a mud burn!

Overall, we will be selling a total of 800 tickets over two rounds during the main sale. An additional 100 tickets are being set aside as reserve tickets (not comp!) for department leads and arts grants recipients that are not able to secure tickets during the main sale. These tickets are priced at $70. If the weather leading up the event looks good, we will sell an additional 100 tickets (and any remaining from the main sale and reserves) during a lightning round for $90 each. This increase in price is because we need to pay a premium for some services closer to the event, like portos! So if all goes well with weather, we will have upped our participant capacity from 750 in 2018 to 1,000 in 2019!

In order to cap the number of vehicles on-site and encourage folks to carpool, we will be selling car passes for $20. There will be a total of 450 car passes sold over the two rounds during the main sale. An additional 50 car passes will be available during the reserve ticketing round. If weather is looking good close to the event (and depending on the number of car passes floating around in the community), we may also sell another 50-100 car passes during the lightning round. Car passes will remain at $20 for all rounds of ticket sales. This gives us a total of 550-600 cars on-site plus RVs, which will have a separate pass.  Click here for more info.