Thank you for being interested in the R.I.D.E. (Radical Inclusion Diversity and Equity) Ticketing Program! 

This program is exclusively for Black, Brown, Indigenous, Native American, Latina/e/o/x, Chicanx, Arab, Middle Eastern, North African, South Asian, Asian, Pacific Islander individuals.

This program is offering 20 gifted (free) tickets and parking passes to the Constellation Regional Burning Man event. There is a tiered prioritization to this program and that is:

  • Members of the RIDE Committee (excluding White members)
  • First-time burners / Constellation attendees
  • Any applicants left 

Please note that individuals caught abusing this program will be submitted to the Conduct Committee for review, which could lead to a Ban from future Fire Pony Creative Society Events. If you are ineligible for this program please check the hardship ticket application

To apply for this program, click here.