We hope you join us by contributing your time, energy, and skills to help create an incredible event. Together, let’s build an interactive, experiential, sustainable environment that encourages a culture of play, artistic creativity, and freedom of expression.

Email us at producer@constellationburn.org to sign up for any of volunteer opportunities below!

Sphere leads oversee a cluster of department leads whose roles are inter-related. As a Sphere lead, you help troubleshoot needs in each department, empower your department leads to do their work, and coordinate with the producers to ensure that your sphere is running effectively and interacting productively with the entire team.


The Comms Sphere Lead position is all about Getting The Word Out. Pre-Burn work includes: helping draft, edit, and load the newsletter, making social media posts, and making the occasional website update. Comms Lead should be comfortable using Mail Chimp. Comms Lead oversees and supports the Dept Lead who makes our yearly Hitchhiker’s Guide booklet, and our Documentation Dept Lead.  In this role, you can do a lot of the communications tasks yourself OR build a team and delegate tasks.


The Safety Sphere Lead supports some of the most demanding aspects of the Burn – mainly, the fire-stuff. Pre-burn work includes collaboration with producers during the planning months and vetting your Department Leads for Conclave, Fire Safety, Fire Perimeter, First Aid, Rangers, and Sanctuary. Having experience with other Burns or Burn-adjacent events is really helpful given the demands of this role.


GGPT stands for Gate, Greeters, Parking and Ticketing. This is a logistics position supporting/coordinating many aspects of the burn experience: Gate, Greeters, Parking, Ticketing and (new this year) Mobility Assistance, and the Ice Boss. The person in this role is both a creative problem solver and a collaborative go-between for their departments to the producers. The departments under this sphere interact with literally every burner so it’s a great place to help ensure a pleasant transition from Default world into the Burn.

Department leads oversee one area of the many aspects of running the Burn, with the support and oversight of a Sphere Lead who oversees a cluster of inter-related departments. Department leads/co-leads are empowered to plan how to run their department, handle the pre-burn and onsite tasks of their dept, train volunteers to assist with onsite tasks during the burn, and collaborate with their Sphere Leads and with other departments to ensure a successful Burn.

Volunteer Appreciation Lead:

The Volunteer Appreciation lead’s love language is Acts of Service! Service to all the many volunteers who make the whole Burn happen. It’s a real feel-good role including choosing swag for vols, delivering snacks and water to all the various volunteer stations, delivering firewood for stations in need of warmth during cold hours and being the all-around champion of volunteers everywhere. 

Food Lead:

The Food Lead is our Sultan of Sustenance, organizing snacks, light meals, and beverages for the whole crew of folks running the Burns. The new site for 2023 means that this position will collaborate with Production to develop a plan for fulfilling this need. The ideal Food Lead will be ready for lots of preplanning, managing a big food order and directing a team of volunteers in setting up and running the food station. 

Social Media & Website Lead:

Got your finger on the pulse of socials? Constellation needs a Poster Extraordinaire to do the day to day work of posting fresh burn info on all our channels. You’ll get your info from the Comms Sphere lead. The bulk of work for this position is ahead of the Burn so you’re nearly entirely free of responsibility during the Burn!

Gate Lead:

Gate Lead is in charge of the team that  makes sure every participant has a ticket, and every car has a car pass, in order to enter the event. You’ll be training your volunteers to check IDs against a list of valid tickets and passes, and give out the coveted wrist bands to confirmed attendees. You and your team help folks get in the door with ease. One great perk is that Gate closes before the Saturday burn begins, so after Gate closes, you’re free to Burn with Abandon. 

Greeter Lead:

Greeter department lead sets the tone for that Welcome Home moment that helps Burners leave the Default world behind and enter their Burn experience. Greeters invite folks to step out of the car and have a stretch (and a spanking if that’s their thing). Your team of volunteers also helps them get the lay of the land as far as where to find the parking crew, theme camps and open camping, and even helps connect them to volunteer opportunities. Greeting is a terrific place to meet a lot of burners and make their first few moments magical.

Ranger Lead:

Rangers are Burners, who volunteer as a non-confrontational community resource, to assist other participants in burning their best burn, and trying to help them solve their own problems.The Ranger lead will get one-on-one training with our Producer Sauerkraut. The Rangers lead will vet and train volunteers in how to respond to critical incidents that occur during the burn. We’d like this lead to have previous Ranger experience and be willing to stay sober during all on-call hours at the Burn.

Documentation Lead: 

This is a new position this year, born from our need to document our processes and procedures to ensure organizational sustainability! The Documentation Lead’s main task this year will be to organize disparate information (processes, procedures, terms, calendars, boilerplate text, best practices, etc.) from all spheres and departments into a coherent and shareable format. Going forward, the Documentation Lead will keep org contact forms up to date, archive newsletters, and coordinate Afterburn reporting. 

Mobility Assistance Lead:

Mobility Assistance is a new department being developed specifically in response to our new burn site. The site is larger and sits on the side of a hill. Our Mobility Assistance Lead will manage the vital service of public transit within our Known Universe. This will include helping those with mobility challenges to get where they want to go, helping transport gear from parking to campsites, and generally assisting burners get from Point A to all points across the map. There are not a lot of pre-burn duties, but it’s an intensive role at the event. A valid driver’s license is preferred, and commitment to maintain sobriety and a high level of responsibility when you’re on duty is necessary. Coming to the rescue of foot-weary burners of all kinds brings great reward.

Parking Lead:

The Parking Lead manages/supports a team of volunteers who direct traffic and help folks get parked. The Lead is the primary contact for any parking questions or issues that arise. They handle Parking Passes, RV passes and placement. They’ll liaison with City Planning, DPW, and Gate to ensure ease of traffic flow through the site, and coordinate when specific accommodations need to be made. 

Sanctuary Lead:

Sanctuary welcome burners in need of a quiet, calm space away from the stimulations of  the larger burn environment. Sanctuary is a place set aside to allow burners to engage challenging emotions, thoughts, and experiences, whether that means processing through them, recovering from them, or both. Lead for Sanctuary will help secure and prepare all Sanctuary volunteers, and be on call to assist them if any guests need higher levels of support. 

First aid Lead:

Our first aid station at Constellation is a self-service station stocked with items a Burner might need to take care of their own pains, booboos, wounds, woozies, aches and ouchies. No need to dispense medical advice or care – just make sure our supplies are ordered, on site, arranged and located where they can be found quickly by those in need. You may also be called on to assist with getting a Burner a higher level of care (ie, coordinating getting them safely out to an ER) if there’s a need. 

LNT Lead: 

The Leave No Trace (LNT) Lead is responsible for training volunteers on daily clean-up around the event, as well lead a post-event clean-up team. The LNT Lead should be excited about organizing others to participate in clean-up efforts and able to stay onsite after the final event date.

Please feel free to get in touch to ask questions: email us at producer@constellationburn.org, and we’ll get back to you!