Catostrophe! by Hap Rust, Constellation 2017. Photo by Hap Rust

Do I need to apply for placement?

Theme Camps can get a specific spot allocated to them and get included on the map on the Constellation website, in printed materials, and in the event guide given to participants when they arrive at the event. This makes your camp easy to find, which is what you want. We highly encourage that you apply to register/place your theme camp so our City Planning team can help you get the space you need. There is no guarantee to where you will be placed, but you will definitely not be placed if you do not apply! 

If you have anything in your application that you need to clarify or have any questions or special requests, we encourage you to get your theme camp application in as soon as possible!  We strongly encourage all sound camps and camps with large space needs to also apply as soon as possible. Applicants can expect to hear back from the City Planning team to confirm that their application has been received and to clarify any items. 

When will I receive a response about my placement?

Applicants can expect to hear back from the City Planning team within two weeks of their submission to confirm that their application has been received and to clarify any items. Actual camp location will be communicated once the Constellation City Map is completed. We usually shoot for a draft map to be sent to Theme Camp Organizers (TCOs) in early September. 

Do I get to choose exactly where my Theme Camp will be place? Is placement guaranteed?

In short, exact requested placement is not guaranteed, as City Planning must accommodate multiple camps and balance everyone’s needs. The Placement/City Planning team will work closely with you to determine your needs, as well as your interactivity and ability to host other activities. If you have specific needs or constraints, please include as much detail as possible in your Application. 

I want to have amplified music. Will this affect my placement?

Yes! In order to be good guests we need everyone who wants to have amplified music to agree to the sound policy and provide additional information so that we can place you in the best location. We also want to make sure that there is not competition between the various large sound camps and that the sound from the larger camps isn’t overwhelming the smaller camps who also want to share their music or quiet activities with attendees.

The more information you can give us about your plans for sound the better we will be able to place you! This includes if you desire specific quiet hours, but again, no guarantee that we can accommodate every request! 

Read our Sound Policy

Will I receive free/reduced price tickets with my placement?

No. Reserve tickets at any price are currently not available for Theme Camps. 

Will I receive in-camp car passes with my placement?

Theme Camp Parking Permits are limited and available only by request. Every camp that is placed will not automatically include a Theme Camp Parking Permit or may be limited to only one Permit unless there are special requirements. As a city, we prefer to minimize the number of vehicles onsite. If you place a storage vehicle in your camp, please disguise/incorporate the vehicle into your camp theme.

If you want to apply for a Theme Camp Parking Permit, please note this in your Application, under the “Logistics” section. 

As a reminder, every vehicle that enters the site needs a car pass, including Theme Camp infrastructure. If you have additional questions regarding car passes, please see our Frequently Asked Questions. 

What about RV’s or large trailers? Can I keep one of those in my theme camp?

RV Permits for Theme Camps are available but will be limited. If you want to apply for an RV Permit, you may do so via the Constellation RV & Car Camping Permit application.

Can I have fire or heat sources in my theme camp?

Yes. Burn barrels, open (off the ground) fire pits and flame effects are permitted for all camps with approval by the Fire Safety Team. You must include your plans for fire and flame effects under the “Fire and Safety” section of the Theme Camp application. Please review the Fire Safety guidelines and policies HERE and send any related questions to

Will I receive early arrival with my placement?

Depending on the nature and size of your theme camp, you may be issued early arrival passes by Placement/City Planning which will allow you to arrive before the gates open on Thursday at 12pm. NO ONE IS PERMITTED TO ARRIVE EARLY WITHOUT PRIOR APPROVAL AND EARLY ARRIVAL PASSES. If you wish to apply for early arrival for your theme camp, please include this information under the “Arrival and Exodus” section of the Theme Camp Application. 

If I need to make additional requests or special requests for my Theme Camp can I and who do I contact?

Absolutely, the Constellation Placement/City Planning Team is excited to listen, learn, and grow with you as we build an amazing community focused event and city. If you have any special requests, please do not hesitate to contact us at