Event Name Description Location Audience What to bring Type of Event
0o0oo0Offfice Hours

Looking to join the Crow’s Nest Collective as an initiate for the 2024 Season? Stop by and let’s see how we can help you love your burn. Have an event or project idea, lets hear it! We’re looking for a photographer, muscle, radio jockeys and conspicuous characters. We’ll be attending 5+ regionals and if the gods are merciful, maybe some of us will even make it to the big burn.

Have a complaint? email upperdutchblumpkin@babybird.com and tell ’em LePrix wants her spatula back.

Crows Nest Everyone Educational
24-hour Coffee Station

Stop by anytime to help yourself to the comfort and aroma of French press Colombian coffee, or decaf or hot cocoa. Available condiments include both dairy and non-dairy options.

Blue Intensity Everyone

a drinking vessel

A Scientific Wonder

Irrefutable proof that string cheese is shelf stable

somewhere in the field Everyone Food/Drink, Anarchy
Always Halloween Gender-Free Clothing Swap Rack

You know that feeling when you’re wearing your best lewk in Default World and someone complements your “costume”? WE know it’s a complete and masterful ‘fit, YEAR ROUND BABY!

Take off your clothes and leave them on our Nice Rack in exchange for a new wardrobe item.
Or, bring a whole sartorial assortment that you Kondo’d and share that fashion genius with your understocked brethren!

Please consider warm and cool weather wear — leave clean clothes only — and help us keep our Rack looking FINE! All genders and no gender welcome; thou shalt be enthusiastically garbed.

Halloweeee!, Milky Way Everyone

Clothing for all genders and all seasons! fashion accessories, tools to mod your clothes, extra panache, supplemental chutzpah

Art, Crafts
Art & Chill

Come through anytime and hangout in our art space for as long as you want. Art supplies provided, bring your own chill

F’ART Camp Everyone Art
Art exchange

Leave one take one art exchange happening at camp GRIMSKULLS all day Friday and Saturday.


Art of any kind

Art, Crafts
Body arts

Henna, alcohol ink and soapy acrylic body arts by Emily and Mun. Come get some temp art
On your body. Also sex Ed. We can answer almost any questions.

Muns tent. Everyone


Art, Educational
Bureau of Problematic Affairs

The world is filled with problematic affairs and we know you all have complaints. Bring them to the Bureau of Problematic Affairs- with an office located at Shut Up Coffee camp and spontaneously roaming.

We are a group of very bureaucratic professionals who will do the absolute MOST with your dissatisfaction. We maintain the critical database of burners wronged with the vigilance and competency of any oversight committee. Know that we take your complaints and ourselves VERY seriously.

Shut Up Coffee, Roaming Everyone

Complaints, all minor and major irritations

Art, Anarchy
Chaidration Station

Hot and cold running chai on tap throughout the burn or until we run out.
Oat-milk, sugar, and honey to your taste.
Have spicy day!

Camp Nama”Stay In Bed Everyone

Drinking Vessel

Chillout Mundo

Olá, I’m Elijah 3WO, a DJ from Brazil that has been collecting samples and songs from all over the world for a couple decades to curate an unique intersection between the root of our tribal culture. I will be playing whenever feel like on the deadly moppets lounge, come chill, listen some weird tunes, have fun, and more. Drop me a song you love if you feel like it, it’d be an awesome gift.

Deadly Moppets Lounge Everyone Music
Circle up, fire bitches

Late night fire circle at Dirt Go Brrr

At Dirt Go Brrr 18+ Only (adult content) Art, Anarchy, Music, Sport
Come scribble for future Hitchhiker’s Guides

When it comes to creating the Hitchhiker’s Guide, Internet clip art and AI generation work for filling white space in a pinch, but wouldn’t you rather see doodles, scribbles, and maybe even something nicer created by our community? Swing by Parks&Rec any time there isn’t something else going on, and make some doodles we can use in future HHGs and the web page. Self-serve – look for a bin labelled “Doodles for HHG”. It will contain materials and instructions.

Parks&Rec Everyone Art, Anarchy
Community Puzzle

If putting together puzzles happens to be your thing, then stop by our campsite, there’s nothing you must bring. Multiple puzzles will be provided and once each is complete we will glue them down together to show our great feat.

Somewhere in open camping with the teepee tent Everyone

Willingness to work on puzzle completion

Compost Your Food Scraps

Buckets will be placed around the Known Universe for collection of your food scraps for composting. Banana peels, egg shells, coffee grounds, etc are great! Please no meat or dairy. Stop by Camp Sunflower in RV camping to learn more.

Around the Known Universe Everyone

Food scraps, no meat or dairy

Food/Drink, Educational
Crows Nest Overlook Platform, Interactive Art Build

Go low and get HIGH in the LPC. Make sure you signed your waiver! Climb up the Crow’s Nest overlook platform, towering 12 feet above ground. Enjoy a nice top-down view of the naïves below! Ha! That’s just LePrix…

Help build out the bird nest or leave a personal message, and if you fancy yourself a helpful strong-person, see you at 7 PM on Sunday. We’re gunna need help to 86 this baby in the burn-field.

Dead End, South LPC Everyone Art, Spiritual
Decorate the Libra Burners Effigy

Come and participate! Put your Radical Self-Expression to use in decorating the stars of our constellation before burn night, then watch your artwork go up in flames. We will provide colorful thingymajigys. Come one, come all, and bring your friends!

Lucid Fields – Burn Field Everyone

creativity 🙂

Art, Crafts
Donate to a Local Animal Shelter

Help us fill our donation bin with non-perishable food, toys, treats that we will be given to shelters in need within the Baltimore/Washington area (our storage container is 22x12x14″). Please only bring things that will fit inside our bin! If the bin is full you can still leave your donations, we’ll make it work . . . somehow. After all it’s for a good cause, and even us Fortune 500’s need a tax break!

The C-Suite Execs Everyone


Electric Blanket Pillow Fort

Imagine the pillow forts you made as a kid… and now picture that, except way bigger, and with cozy warm blankets! The Electric Blanket Pillow Fort is the premiere place to warm your chilly bones, and just hang out – open 24/7. Blankets will be nice and toasty during the night and the cooler hours of the day. Look for the really big canvas tent!

Flaketown Everyone
Fae Bargain Therapeutic Cupping and Bodywork by Partybear

Approach your friendly neighborhood pan-bear and you may be granted a short, profound, therapeutic cupping or bodywork healing session. Return to your adventures fae-touched, lighter, and with a mysterious gleam in your eye.

I require in return something shiny, something bitter or something sweet. ✨

Halloweeee!, Milky Way 18+ Only (adult content)

A mere pittance or trinket; willingness to exist in the undying lands of enchantment for all time.

Anarchy, Spiritual
Free Trash Inspection

Please Bring all your Trash to Dirt Goes Burr. We will inspect it and put it on our plane. If plane is not in camp, you must take your trash back till the plane lands again.

Dirt Goes Burr Everyone


Garden of New Life

Come see the Garden of New Life! A place where discarded electronics, media, and other recycling have been reborn into a luscious, zany, upcycled wonderland! Witness the centerpiece Tree of New Life filled the fruit of days long gone (come see it at night for the illumination!) So come boing all of the Boingers, reminisce about old technology, and maybe even learn how to melt and mold discarded plastic into new treasures!

The Upcycle Workshop Everyone

A passion for Repurposing and upcycling!

Art, Anarchy, Educational




I, Merry Prankster

Since the time of the Mesopotamian Empire, bands of Merry Pranksters roamed the countryside. They wore garments made from American flags, shouted out patriotic catchphrases to passers-by, and, uh, well, actually, that’s pretty much all that they did. But in the Middle Ages in Gothic lands, they were credited with the invention of whooping noises. So, “MERICA! FUCK YEA!” became, “MERICA! FUCK YEA! – WOOO!”
The actual creation of America complicated their parody, but they adapted by hanging out with the Grateful Dead.
We proudly continue that comic tradition by wearing flags and yelling.

Roaming Everyone


Anarchy, Educational, Spiritual
Ink ropes and rubs

Scheduled body art, shabari rope bondage, sex Ed and massages. Stop by and sign up! Or pop by during the day to see if there are openings. Our camp will be during the day. Early morning till late afternoon.

Ink rope and rubs. Site 30 18+ Only (adult content)

Towel and oil. We will be using coconut.

Art, Educational
Jr. Burner Book

Come to The Parent Hood to pick up your Jr. Burner Book for your Jr. Burner. Complete activities and earn a Jr. Burner Badge from The Parent Hood.

The Parent Hood Everyone

Jr. Burners

Art, Educational
LePirate Radio WCAW

Too tired to ascend to the glory with the sound gods, and proud to get caught in the LPC? Snuggle up with your finest analog receiver, tune in and drop out with, H. Dreadnot LePrix’s 24/7 FM LePirate Radio Transmission, WCAW, servicing up to 1/2 mile. To find the frequency, just turn the dial slowly and listen for boots and cats. 😉

Wanna dj on LePirate Radio? Need to make an announcement? Stop by for Office Hours from 2-3pm with your request or leave it on the bulletin board.

Available all weekend, weather permitting.

FM Transmission from the Crows Nest Everyone

FM receiver or radio app

Anarchy, Music
Make Space for Serendipity

Scheduling events moment by moment may lead us to miss out on opportunities of immediacy. Tune in to the ebb and flow of the burn, seek out new mysteries around each corner, greet and welcome the stranger, open the doors to the mind and experience things once undreamed. These unplanned times may make the best memories.

The Known Universe Everyone

An open mind, a kind word, a sense of adventure

Art, Crafts, Food/Drink, Anarchy, Music, Educational, Spiritual, Sport
Make Your Own Magic

Welcome to a “choose your own adventure” spiritual space where you can make your own magic. Stop by to work on manifesting things you need to bring into your lives and banishing things you need to remove, and receive an omen on the work.

LoveLab Village Sound Camp Everyone

Ideas of things they want manifest or banish

Mobility a-Go-Go

Mobility a-Go-Go is a camp that you’ll pass on the way in, but keep it in mind if you have mobility concerns or need help due to an injury during Constellation. We’ll have a number of power wheelchairs, scooters, regular wheelchairs, bikes, stand-up scooters, walkers, crutches and even a big wagon in case you have to bring out the dead! You need to take personal responsibility to use these safely, and be sure to return them when you’re done.

We’ll also have a mobile stripper pole that may be moving around depending on the road conditions. Use it with care after checking with the camp!

Mobility a-Go-Go Camp 18+ Only (adult content)

Marked as adult only, but adults can use these if they stay with the kids. They’re for mobility more than for joyrides!

Public Bidet

Please stop by 4 Fingers to use our public bidet. Please bring your own water!

4 Finger Everyone


Recycle your plastic to GLITTER!

Bring your plastic bottles to us and we will grind them to glitter on the spot! Feel Free to jump in our glitter pool! 100% Recycled!

Faketown Everyone


Art, Crafts
SCRAPS -Art Installation and Burn*

SCRAPS is a public art gallery and obligatory participation installation. 8x8x8 cube: four walls for you to decorate and accessorize with your art and crap. Tools and hardware provided, but it’s up to you to bring objects of transformation to the installation. An old t-shirt? A thrift store painting? A 2×4 cut off? A cool stick? Anything that burns, ideally of natural material, attach it to our walls. You can paint them too, but you’ll need to bring your own brushes and paint. Larger objects can be thrown in the center to enhance the intensity of the burn! All are welcome at the sCRAPs pile!

The burn field -Fire Safety’s Choice- Everyone

Stuff, things, scraps, crap, creative insight.

Art, Crafts, Anarchy
Sphere and Department Lead/Volunteer Photoshoot

“Paint me like one of your French girls”. I will take photos of sphere/department leads and volunteers during breakfast hours at the volunteer food kitchen starting Friday and going through to Sunday. Keep notice of the FB group for the link to sign up/model release

Volunteer Food Kitchen Everyone

Clothes and your awesome selves!


The cows are up in arms
They’ve left their fields and farms
They’re marching on Constellation
Because the cows all need to dance!

Cow Appreciation is a thing
Cows are very appreciative…
Especially of a good dance party with a great beat!
The Stampede may show up spontaneously (with 10 cow costumes you can borrow, then return for the next rodeo)
If you have your own bovine apparel, you might want to keep it handy to add to the herd mentality!

PSA – if you’re lactose intolerant, beware!

Free the udder!

Random (but it will generally be in larger spaces with music) Everyone

Cow attire if you have it (especially if you’re a calf below the one size fits all category).

No nonconsensual milking on the dance floor!

Anarchy, Music
Tall Santa Visits the Known Universe!

After many burns, Tall Santa will be teleporting to Constellation at the new site. he timing of his visit will depend on whim and weather, and he may visit different dimensions at different times. You’ll know he’s near when you see his traditional red and white garb and hear the familiar melodies from his Christmas kazoo! This Santa is non judgmental, so don’t fret over the naughty or nice BS. Tales of Christmas debauchery are always welcome. Feel free to choose a gift you like from Santa’s Sleigh (but don’t leave it behind!)
Elves, reindeer, and Santa groupies are welcome to join the fun!

Roaming Everyone

A smile and a sense of Christmas wonder (I wonder why he’s here when it isn’t Christmas?!?)

Anarchy, Music, Spiritual

Confused by the new tax code? Not sure where to write off your art grant? Can you take all the money you give to gate and use it in your 401k? Well then Taxes By Del is here for your needs! We are a NSARQ complainant both FISMA and OSHA! Bring your investments! Low rates apply!

Roaming Everyone


Tea, Tea and More Tea

Did we mention we have tea? Hot tea, cold tea … all the tea. And you are welcome to come have a cup and maybe a cookie, too. Pretty much 24/7. Come talk with the Mad Hatter, perhaps hang out with Absalom on our mushroom stools, or maybe follow the White Rabbit. For indeed, mysteries abound. Even tea can be profound. And rabbit holes are all around.

Mad Tea Party Everyone


The Affiliate Program

Have you and your cat ever wanted to have the prestige and power held only by those who have acquired, through sizable donations, the title of Honorary Board Member for a Fortune 500 Company? You’re in luck, dreams really can come true! To enter the drawing please submit a photo of your cat to our email at corporatecatpix@gmail.com or in our mailbox at our corporate office on the playa! The winning cat will be an Honorary Board Member of Big Peanut, and the picture will be made into a sticker and distributed at the next Bi Annual Affiliate Event*!
*Occurs only at PDF and Constellation

The C-Suite Everyone

pics of your cat

Art, Anarchy, Spiritual
The Costumery

Do you have clothing that needs a new home? Are you looking for new pieces to add to your wardrobe? Did you forget shorts or a coat? This is the place for you! This closet will be permanently set up at Cenosilicaphobia on a self-serve basis. Feel free to stop by anytime and take something you find and/or leave something you no longer need! If you need assistance, ask for Julia!

Cenosilicaphobia Everyone

Any clothing that you’d like to donate or the sense of adventure to try something on!

Tinsel Salon

Come spill the tea to your stylist while you get some sparkly tinsel extensions added to your hair. Pick your tinsel color and a truth or drink card. Drinks (with or without alcohol) will be provided.

Open camping/main road 18+ Only (adult content)


Crafts, Food/Drink
Touch the Butt

The butt is lucky. The butt keeps the rain away. The butt blesses the burn. The butt…demands offerings. Respect the butt. Worship the butt. TOUCH THE BUTT!

HalloWEEEEE! Everyone

A hand for touchin’ or an offering to the butt altar

Anarchy, Spiritual
Trick or Treating!

Everyday is Halloween! Come grab a little treat when the sun goes down, or be a brave soul and request a trick. No give-backsies! Costumes not required, but always welcome, encouraged, and celebrated.

HalloWEEEEE! Everyone

something to hold your trick or treat

Food/Drink, Anarchy
Type Your Truth

In a theme camp,
In the woods,
Small small table with a TYPEWRITER stood.

OMG. WHAT IS THAT? IS THAT A VINTAGE LAPTOP? THAT DOESN’T NEED POWER?!!? Can I touch it? Press it’s keys? Pleeeeease??? —
You sure can! Come to Balls Camp. See our Typewriter. Type Your Truth.

Balls Camp Everyone

Words of Truth and Fancy

Art, Crafts, Anarchy, Spiritual
Walk the Red Carpet

Step onto our red carpet, own the spotlight, and show off what you got! Bring YOU, Yourself, and Your best attitude, and let the playa hype you up.

Camp All About Me Everyone

Me, Myself and I

What if it’s Malort?

Are you brave enough to gamble with your taste buds? Come by Spoopyisle and test your luck

Spoopyisle or roaming 21+ Only Crafts, Food/Drink, Anarchy
Wheel of Fun

Drop in any time to give the Wheel of Fun a spin! The Wheel provides eleven options for Fun things you can experience at the camp of the Pyramid People!

Pyramid People Everyone