We can’t wait to see you all in West Virginia this October! Read the important information below to learn about ticket sale dates and deadlines, the ticket purchase and transfer process, and key information about burning with minors.

Ticket site to transfer tickets: http://tickets.constellationburn.org/

Ticket Swap and Ride Share List


Ticket Sale Dates and Upcoming Deadlines

Wednesday, July 11th, 9pm EDT – SOLD OUT
Ticket Sales Open, 750 tickets available for $70 each

Tuesday, July 31st – 5pm EDT  – CLOSED
Low Income Ticket Applications Due (Round 2)

Early August: Reserve Tickets: $70 – CLOSED
Reserve tickets are offered to: Art Grant recipients, qualified volunteers from Constellation 2017, event producers, sphere leads, department leads, and board members.

Space permitting, additional tickets will be made available for $90 each.

Early / Mid-September: Minor Ticket Purchase, $70 – CLOSED

Round 2 Ticket Sales – SOLD OUT
An additional 50 tickets to be sold eat $90 each.


Over Four Flaming Knights, Two Queens Topple Unconsented Kings by Julie.
Photo © Patty Simonton

Super Important Info: Read BEFORE you purchase your ticket!

Event Dates
Thursday, October 4, 2018 – Monday, October 8, 2018

Refund and Cancellation Policy.
All sales are final. No refunds or exchanges will be issued for any reason. Fees are nonrefundable. Constellation is not responsible for any losses due to any personal decision to transfer your ticket to another individual. Please see the waiver for more information. 

Ticket Site: http://tickets.constellationburn.org/

Online Waiver

  • You’ll be asked to complete an online waiver when you purchase your ticket.
  • If you purchase more than one adult ticket, complete the waiver with your information for both tickets, and remember to transfer the second adult ticket.
  • If you purchase a second ticket that will be used for a minor, 13-17 years old, keep both tickets under your name, as a minor may not complete the online waiver. See Burning with Minors below for more info.
  • This waiver info is important. It’s the info we’re going to use to connect you with your ticket when you show up at the Gate.
  • Complete your full street address.
  • Make sure your First and Last name, and date of birth, matches exactly the information on whatever VALID LEGAL ID you’ll have with you when you arrive at the Gate. The following forms of identification are acceptable: A driver’s license issued by a state, an identification card issued by a state, a military ID, or a passport issued by a federal government. If you do not have a legal ID with you when you arrive at the Gate, even if you have a ticket, you will not be allowed to enter the event.
  • You can download the waiver here.

Purchasing Tickets
Each person can buy up to 2 adult tickets (see below for guidelines about purchasing additional tickets for minors). Both adult tickets, when purchased together, can be saved under the same name and email address, though one must be transferred before the event begins, as the name associated with each ticket must correlate to the participant’s government-issued ID. The buyer will have an option to enter a second name/email at time of purchase, or this transfer can be done at a later date. All sales are final.

Important Notes: If, at the time of purchase, a buyer enters a second name and email for the 2nd adult ticket they purchase, the system will automatically create a new account for the second individual if one does not already exist. That second individual will then be sent an email by the system inviting them to create an account, log in, and claim their ticket.  Also, the ticketing site incorrectly states that you’ll see a barcode when you print your ticket. There will be NO BARCODE on your ticket! 

Useful Tips when Purchasing Tickets

  • We recommend that you log into your Ticket Account and PayPal before you begin the process to purchase tickets.
  • Unless you have received a discount code through the hardship ticket program, IGNORE the request for a Coupon Code. You can move forward without entering anything there.

Reserve Tickets
We encourage you to buy your ticket now! However, if you volunteered a minimum of 16 hours (shifts between midnight and 8am counted double) for Constellation 2017, and signed in and out of your shift at HQ, you will receive information about how to purchase your reserve ticket after the first round of tickets is complete. Reserve tickets will be at the $70 price. All Constellation 2018 event leads and FPCS board members qualify for a reserve ticket for Constellation 2018. Qualifying for a reserve ticket does not prevent you from being able to buy a ticket in the open sale.

Gate Sales
Tickets will not be sold at the gate.

Ticket Transfers

  • Each adult (18+ at the time they enter the Gate) must have their own ticket. (See below for info on minor tickets.)
  • If you have two adult tickets associated with your account when you arrive at the gate, then whomever the second adult ticket is for will not be able to enter the event. You must transfer it to them before the event.
  • Only the assigned user will have access to the new ticket number.
  • The final opportunity to transfer tickets will be Wednesday, October 3rd, at 12pm ET. 
  • If you run into problems, contact tickets@constellationburn.org.

STEP 1 – How to Transfer a Ticket

  • Go to tickets.constellationburn.org and log in using the email address you used to purchase your ticket.
  • Click on My Tickets
  • Click on TRANSFER
  • Enter in the email address of the person to whom you’re transferring the ticket.

Once you’ve transferred your ticket, your account should look a little like this:

STEP 2 –  How to Receive a Transferred Ticket:

  • You’ll receive an email notification from tickets@tickets.constellationburn.org. Subject Line: Constellation Ticket Transfer
  • Sign into tickets.constellationburn.org using the email address used to receive the ticket transfer.
  • Click on My Tickets.
  • You’ll automatically be brought to a page to complete the online waiver. You can download a copy of the waiver here.
  • Once you complete the waiver, your name will appear next to your ticket number on the My Tickets page.

NOTE: You do not need to print your ticket. Printed tickets do not have barcodes on them, and having a printed copy of the ticket will not be useful at the gate. We’ll be matching names from our Ticket List with IDs at the gate.

RV Passes
Pegasus Farm Campground offers 15 RV Hookups. 13 of these are complete, including water, sewage, and electricity, the remaining two do not include sewage. These slots will be available to participants with RVs or Theme Camps who would like to take advantage of these additional services for a $35 fee, and camps who wish to access these hookups will need to apply for placement using the Theme Camp Application.

Please stay tuned for additional information about placement for RVs or in-vehicle camping.

Ice Sales
More information about ice sales will be available soon.

Burning with Minors
Children 12 and younger do not require a ticket.

Tickets for Minors 13-17 cost the same as an adult ticket, and their ticket can be bought like any other (adult) ticket during open ticket sales. However, and a courtesy to the families who choose to attend Constellation together, parents and guardians can instead request a designated Minor Ticket.

This Minor Ticket costs the same as an adult ticket. The difference is that designated minor tickets are not currently capacity limited, meaning in the case of a sell-out, you can still secure a ticket for a minor. These tickets are non-transferable. Here’s how to take advantage of this opportunity:

  • Step 1. Legal guardians should complete this form as soon as possible. This will let us know you’re interested in purchasing tickets for a minor. Completing this form does not require you to purchase a minor ticket.
  • Step 2. The individual who completes the form will be sent instructions to buy minor tickets. The window to purchase these tickets will be in mid-September.  

Once arriving at Constellation, if the participant is under 18 years of age, a parent or guardian must sign a physical waiver on behalf of their children when arriving at Constellation. A separate waiver must be signed on behalf of each minor. A participant must be younger than 18 at the time they enter the event in order to use a Minor ticket.

IMPORTANT: If the minor’s parent or guardian is not attending Constellation with the minor (eg. you’re bringing your nephews and nieces to Constellation), you must contact us for further information at board@firepony.org.

Printing Tickets
There is no need to print your tickets. (You get into the event by showing your ID at the gate.) If you do print your tickets, please note that a barcode will NOT appear on the printed version.

Low Income Ticket Policy
Constellation has a limited number of Low Income Tickets available for participants. Details for the Low Income Tickets and Application can be found here.

Stay Informed!