Sound Policy


The following sound policy was created to ensure the greatest amount of creative freedom while maintaining happy neighbors inside and outside the event and also creating a collaboratively supportive event environment.


This policy applies to Sound Camps or any individual, group, instrument, or device (instrument, installation, speaker system, generator, etc.) producing audible or sub-audible sound within and during a Constellation event. All Constellation Theme Camps bringing amplified sound intended to create an environment for gathering to dance, relax, or otherwise participate where music is the primary form of artistic expression are considered to be Sound Camps, regardless of the size, wattage, or volume of their system. All Sound Camps, regardless of their power source (private or municipal), must agree to abide by the sound policy in order to gain placement at Constellation events.


Amplified sound shall be permitted between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and. 2:00 a.m.

From 2:00 – 10:00 a.m., all subwoofers (any device capable of emitting sound below 100 HZ) shall be turned off and the sound shall be no louder than 70 db at a distance of 50’ from the source of the sound, or at the property line if said property line is closer than 50’ to the source.

All Sound Camps agree to have a representative who will meet with at least one representative from the Theme Camp Placement, City Planning and Sound Departments prior to the event (generally during pre-event construction) to determine and set appropriate sound levels for their camp as well as the direction of their speaker setup, and each day during the event to review any issues from the night before if required. These meetings will be determined on-site by the participating parties. 

All camps will adhere to the sound levels so-established, with violators being subject to being shut down for the duration of the event.

Constellation recommends the use of limiters or similar equipment to help manage Sound Camp sound levels. We also encourage the use of personal decibel meters for Sound Camps to random sample their own sound levels. No two camps are guaranteed the same levels for their sound; Comparisons should not be drawn from camp to camp.