The Luminous Dance Floor by Michael Shawe Spring 2016, Photo by Sara Muskulus

If you have an event you would like to host at Constellation, you’re in the right place!

Whether you’re looking to run a Tea House or Saloon out of your theme camp, looking to organize a kickball game or scavenger hunt, or want to stage roaming Shakespearean readings right after the burn, let us know the details and we’ll get the information printed in our event guide, the Hithchhikers’s Guide (aka, the What Where When), so that people will know what’s up.

Important Notes: When entering event information please use regular, upper and lower case English and punctuation. Emoticons, sms abbreviations, and RaNdOm caps though radically self expressive will not appear in the printed guide and are a pain for our volunteer staff to remove. Copy may or may not be edited for length, content, or grammar. Remember this user created content will live forever on the internet, so please keep it PG-13.

The deadline to submit your event to the printable version of the WWW has passed. You can find a listing of events on our Hitchhikers’s Guide here.

A few stragglers…

Stencil Junk
Like stencils? Like stupid t-shirts? Too lazy, stupid, busy, and/or inebriated to do stencils the “right way”? Us too, so let’s stencil things the trash way. Come make a mess with paint, dye, and bleach on your items of choice or accident, compliments of us.
Bring: Something to stencil, a minimal amount of sense and taste, opposable thumbs.
Where: The yellow flag
Ongoing, All ages

Whiskey and S’mores (bacon smores!)
Come by and enjoy some Tennessee whiskey and bacon s’mores with us and socialize around our fancy home built propane fire drum and in our lounge.
Bring: A cup and maybe something to wipe the ooey gooey from your fingers.
Where: HELL YEAH! around dark thirty Friday and Saturday.
Adult: 18+

Partner Yoga
Come stretch your asanas and mix it up at the same time in this one hour partner set. No partner or mat required.
Where: Camp Contact?
All ages.
Saturday, 10am

Mimosa’s and Mules !
Goooood morning! What better way to seize the day than with a mimosa or a mule?!
Bring: Please bring your own cup. And for the real Moscow Mule experience, please bring your own COPPER cup :]
Where: Echo
Sunday, 12pm.

Booted Bantam Brunch
Come wearing your fancy dress, show off your beautiful plumage, strut around in your finest boots and enjoy our wine and cheese before flying the coop.
Where: Coop de Grace
Saturday, 1pm

Midnight Eggs and Toast
Coop de Grace offers late night eggs and toast starting at midnight with an adjoining lounge space for you to roost.
Where: Coop de Grace
Midnight, Friday – Sunday

Scary Campfire Stories and S’mores
Bring a scary story to share with us or listen to ours! We’ll be providing s’mores ingredients and a toasty fire. We’ll have a few chairs, but it might be a good idea to bring your own!
Bring: A stick for roasting marshmallows, a scary story to share, a beverage perhaps?
Where: Camp Dreadful
Sunday, 11pm

Hot Cider & Autumn Beverages Happy Hour
We will have a big ol’ pot of apple cider on the fire and our tiny bar will be open with our resident mixologist whipping up some tasty fall treats… Pumpkin pie shots, anyone?
Bring: Cup and/or shot glass, your ID if ya look like a youngin’
Where: Camp Dreadful
Sunday, 7pm

Candy Cornhole
Candy Cornhole will be available to play all weekend during daylight hours! Recruit some friends or come play with our camp members… It’s SCARY fun!
Where: Camp Dreadful
Ongoing, BYOB

Jack’n Yer Box
Spontaneous combustion is to fire as Jack’n Yer Box is to clowns.
Where: Where you least expect it

Taco Fiesta
Come join us for mini tacos, because who doesn’t love tacos??! Vegan option will be available. Served until we run out.
Camp Jellyfish
Friday, 6pm

Naked Happy Hour
Join the bioluminescent folk of Jellyfish for drinks! Birthday suit encouraged, but not required for complimentary libation.
Friday, 10:30pm

Drink and Chill with Jellyfish
Bar will be open 24/7. Come join us for drinks and conversation.
BYOB, Ongoing

Board and Coordinator Meet-n-Greet
Want to meet the mysterious “Board” and the coordinators who helped organize Constellation? Join us for a Meet-n-Greet and let’s share stories and ideas for global domination.
Where: HQ (though maybe the nearby stage)
When: Sunday, 2pm

Constellation Burner-Leader Social
If you self-identify as a Burner-leader or like to hang out with people who do, please join us between 4 and 6 pm at the Constellation Burn in West Virginia on Saturday afternoon. Wine and cheese provided. Please bring something to share. All are welcome.
Where: TBD. Likely Pink Heart or Scratch’s Costume Camp
When: Saturday, 4pm

Sunset Noodle Service
Description: We’re serving your favorite vegan, ramen shiitake noodle soup and fresh jokes about your mother. Bring a bowl, bring us gin, bring a friend to sumo (win or lose you both skip the line!) and enjoy the only roaming White Dragon Noodle Bar this side of Tannhauser gate.
Theme Camp: White Dragon Noodle Bar
Days: Friday, Saturday
Times: Sunset (7:00PM)

Ranger Training
Where: HQ
Friday, 2-5pm