Information on Ice Sales for Constellation 2023

  • We will ONLY have pre-purchased ice: no ice will be available for purchase on site. Please plan accordingly.
  • Ice is currently available for sale through our ticketing system at $5 per 7 pound bag. If you can get it less expensively before arrival on site, great! (We have to pay for delivery and service charges, so it costs more than it might at retailers off-site.)
  • A reminder that returning to the event after you depart is not possible except for special emergency circumstances, like emergency medical care, that has been pre-approved by a Producer, or the Safety Sphere Lead.
  • Going on an ice run does not constitute an emergency. If you have a an urgent medical condition that requires ice, please speak with a Producer at the event. Please keep in mind the fourth of the Ten Principles, Radical Self Reliance, and come prepared for your needs!

While this is subject to adjustment, we expect that for 2023 pre-purchased ice will be available for pick-up at Gate when it is staffed during daylight hours on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, and on Sunday morning, of the event week. If you have not picked up your ice by 11:00am on Sunday morning, it may be given away or left to melt like the Wicked Witch of the West.

You will not need to pick up all of your ice at once: if you pre-purchase multiple bags, you can pick up one or more at a time during posted hours.