Due to community feedback, we have chosen to extend the lottery registration by a week to give people more time to register. The new deadline will be 11:59pm on Monday, July 31st. 


We’re experimenting with a new and improved lottery system, electronic waivers, and a process that we hope will make the gate process smooth and easy from start to finish.

Register for Tickets

LuminUS by Anatoliy Kaverin, Fall 2016 (Photo Credit: Antoliy Kaverin)

Ticket Price
Round 1 Tickets: $70
Round 2 (if there is one) Tickets: $85

Event Dates
Thursday, September 28 – Monday, October 2, 2017

For many of you who have previously attended Fall Playa del Fuego, please note that this is a different weekend. Unfortunately, Pegasus Farm Campground was unavailable for Columbus Day Weekend this year.

Registration and Ticket Lottery
Once the system is open for each round, you’ll be invited to register to purchase up to 2 adult tickets, as well as any tickets your family requires for 13-17 year old participants.

To register for the ticket lottery, your name must be entered exactly as it’s listed on your PayPal profile, and the email your submit must be the primary email address for your PayPal account. If the email address for your Constellation ticket account does not match the primary email for your PayPal account, then you will have an opportunity to include your primary PayPal email account when you register for the lottery. Having trouble? Click here.

After registration for Round 1 closes, the system will randomly select registered participants and send them information about how to complete their ticket purchase. Each person will have the opportunity to purchase up to two adult tickets. Unclaimed tickets will be returned to the pool after 72 hours.

We are setting the cap for Round 1 at 900 tickets. This number will include all reserve tickets for event coordinators, theme camp directed tickets, art grant recipients, and reserved tickets for volunteers from Spring 2017 Playa del Fuego who have indicated that they wanted to use their reserve for Constellation this year.

Tickets from Round 1 that are not claimed by the end of the purchase window will be on sale through the website until they run out.

Reserve Tickets
If you have a reserved ticket as a result of your participation with Constellation or Spring 2017 Playa del Fuego, you will be sent a code to claim your Reserve Ticket after Round 1 ticket sales.

Purchasing Tickets
Each person can buy up to 2 adult tickets (see below for guidelines about purchasing tickets for minors). Each adult ticket for a purchase can be saved under the same name and email address, though must be transferred before the event begins, as the name on each ticket must correlate to the the participant’s government-issued ID.

If a buyer enters a second name and email for the 2nd adult ticket they purchase, the system will automatically create a new account for the second individual if one does not already exist. That individual will then be sent an email by the system inviting them to create an account, log in, and claim their ticket.

Round 2
Our decision to open up a Round 2 will depend on demand and whether or not we feel confident that we have the volunteers in place to support our event. Our team will also decide at a later date whether we will open up Round 2 as an open sale, or invite participants to register for a second round lottery.

Gate Sales
Tickets will not be sold at the gate.

RV Passes (revised policy)
Pegasus Farm Campground offers 16 RV Hookups. 13 of these are complete, including water, sewage, and electricity, the remaining three do not include sewage. These slots are available to participants with RVs or Theme Camps who would like to take advantage of these additional services for a $30 fee, and camps who wish to access these hookups must apply for placement using the Theme Camp Application.

Please stay tuned for additional information about placement for RVs or in-vehicle camping.

Ice Sales
More information about pre-event ice sales will be coming soon. We expect that you will have the option to add an ice order to your ticket purchase, or buy it separately.

Tickets, Waivers and Getting Into the Event
The name on your ticket must match the name on your government-issued ID, and you will be asked to sign an electronic waiver when you claim your ticket. We’ll close the ticket system shortly before the event begins, locking the name and email associated with each ticket.

Burning with Minors
Children 12 and younger do not require a ticket. Minors 13-17 can be added to an adult ticket at the time of purchase, or during open sales if tickets are available. An accompanying adult must bring an affidavit to prove they are legally permitted to make decisions on behalf of all minors with them. A participant must be younger than 18 at the time they enter the event in order to use a Minor ticket.

Transferring Tickets
To transfer a ticket listed under your name, you will log into the system and assign the ticket you’d like to transfer to a new name and email.

The participant receiving your ticket will then log into the system, using the name and email you provided, and claim the ticket. This participant will also be asked to electronically sign the event waiver at the time of claiming the ticket.

Due to technical restrictions, a participant will have the option to transfer their ticket only once. This may change in the coming weeks.

Ticket Transfers will close shortly before the event. We’ll be sure to send out updates about specific deadlines along the way.

Low Income Ticket Policy

Constellation has a limited number of Low Income Tickets available for participants. Details for the Low Income Tickets and Application can be found here.

Having trouble registering for the lottery?

Go to: https://tickets.constellationburn.org Log in, using your existing PDF ticketing account information (if you have an account). If you enter in the incorrect password, request a password reset rather than trying to create a new account with the same email. The email for this account has nothing to do with your PayPal account.

If you’ve never purchased tickets for Playa del Fuego, create a new account.

Click on the Buy Tickets tab on the top menu bar.

Then click on the link: Click here to enter the lottery.

On this page, you’ll be given the opportunity to add your full name and primary email as it’s listed in your PayPal account.

Click SUBMIT at the bottom of this page, and you’re done!