“Giant Pachinko” by Alexander Griffin, Spring 2015, photo by Sara Muskulus

All Participants are Welcome to Create Art at Constellation!

If you applied for an art grant (whether selected for funds or not), your Constellation Arts Support Team (CATS) liaison will work with you and the Placement/City Planning team to get your art placed. You do NOT have to fill out a separate art placement application. For more information on Art Grants and to apply, click HERE.

If you did not apply for an art grant and are bringing art….. First, thank you! Second, we encourage your to register as the benefits include:

  1. A Constellation Arts Support Team (CATS) liaison who will work with you and Placement/City Planning to predetermine placement
  2. Access to possible early arrival – Depending on the nature and size of your art, you & your build team may be issued early arrival passes by your Constellation Art Team Support (CATS) liaison. This pass will allow you to arrive before the gates officially open on Thursday at 12pm. NO ONE IS PERMITTED TO ARRIVE EARLY WITHOUT PRIOR APPROVAL AND EARLY ARRIVAL PASSES.
  3. Access to at least one reserve ticket for lead artist
  4. Opportunity to talk with your liaison about placement with access to resources such as power if possible
  5. Opportunity to be listed in the What Where When guide to tell everyone all about it!

If you are planning to bring art and did not apply for an art grant, please submit your Art Placement request by September 8th

Art Placement Request