(Please note: the details below are from 2019 and is for informational purposes only until 2020 info is finalized.)

An RV is defined as any vehicle, independently or when towing another vehicle or trailer, that is bigger than a van. If you wish to bring an RV or car camp, you need to fill out the application for an RV or Car Camping Permit. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, with a hard deadline of 11:59PM on Wednesday, September 4th. 

Please click HERE to apply for an RV or Car Camping Permit

Please Note: FILLING OUT THE APPLICATION DOES NOT GUARANTEE YOU WILL BE APPROVED for an RV or Car Camping Permit. Approval depends on space available and will be prioritized based on demonstrated need. Once approved, you will receive instructions on how to purchase an RV Permit or confirm your Car Camping Permit. Of note, if you share this link with others who have not been approved to purchase an RV Permit, their money will be refunded and their permit will be voided. You should receive notification of your approval by Wednesday, September 11, 2019.


If you arrive without an RV Permit for your RV, whether you’re part of a Theme Camp or not, you will be turned away. If you are not issued a Theme Camp Parking Permit, RV Permit, or Car Camping Permit, you will be parking in the lot. Of note, sleeping in your vehicle in the parking lot is NOT allowed!

RV AND CAR CAMPING ON CERTAIN AREAS OF THE SITE WILL BE SUBJECT TO WEATHER CONDITIONS. City Planning and Operations will do their best to place you at or near your preferred location, but all placement is subject to site conditions at the beginning of the event. This means that if you have an RV Permit and are part of a Theme Camp, we will do our best to place your RV within your camp but you are not guaranteed to be co-located, especially if you are requesting a space WITH RV hookups. If your RV is integral to your theme camp, please note this in BOTH your RV Permit and Theme Camp applications. 

All decisions regarding approval or placement by City Planning are final. If you have any questions regarding RV & Car Camping Permits, please email placement@constellationburn.org

Requesting RV Permit WITH Hookup

If you have an RV and are NOT part of a Theme Camp, there are a limited number of RV Permits WITH full or partial hook-up available for sale at $50 each. These permits are for a designated area only and will be assigned by City Planning based on the dimensions of your RV. The availability as these spots will also be shared with Theme Camp RV Permit requests.

Requesting RV Permit WITHOUT Hookup

If you wish to have your RV at the event, but do not need hookups, and are NOT part of a Theme Camp – you can still apply for an RV permit without hookup. RV Permits WITHOUT hookup are $20.

RV Part of Theme Camp Requesting Space (With or Without Hookup)

If you have an RV for your theme camp whether requesting hook ups or not, please submit a RV Permit request to let us know your needs. Please identify in comments the theme camp you are camping with and how your RV will be integrated as part of your Theme Camp. We will do our best to accommodate you. However, we cannot guarantee a specific space. Please note: Theme Camps with RVs requesting an RV Permit will still have to pay the additional $50 fee WITH hookup or $20 fee WITHOUT hookup, but you will NOT need to purchase a separate Car Pass. 

Car Camping Permit

If you really need to have your car INSIDE the event, you can apply for a Car Camping Permit. Car Camping gives you an approximately 10×20 space for your vehicle, tent, and creativity. Car Camping permits are available on a first-come, first-served basis and are for designated Car Camping areas only. The total number of Car Camping Permits available will be determined by City Planning based on theme camp and other city planning space requests. No additional fee is required for a Car Camping Permit, but you will still need to purchase a Car Pass in addition to your ticket. Of note, sleeping in your vehicle in the parking lot is NOT allowed!

Theme Camp Parking Permit

If you wish to apply to park a car, trailer, or truck within your Theme Camp, please note this during your Theme Camp application. Please ONLY fill out this form if you are applying for an RV Permit as part of your Theme Camp. All other Theme Camp Parking Permits will be issued as part of your Theme Camp application. 

Please click HERE to apply for an RV or Car Camping Permit!