We hope you join us by contributing your time, energy, and skills to help create an incredible event.

Together, let’s build an interactive, experiential, sustainable environment that encourages a culture of play, artistic creativity and freedom of expression.

On the sign-up form, you’ll find opportunities to help with:

  • Greeters
  • Gate
  • Parking
  • Volunteer Management and Appreciation
  • CATS – The Arts Team
  • Rangers
  • First Aid
  • Sanctuary
  • Fire Safety
  • Fire Conclave

If you have questions about any of the above teams, or are curious whether a particular team or position is a good fit for you, please contact the Sphere Leads:

Operations and Logistics: ops@constellationburn.org
Arts and Community: cats@constellationburn.org
Fire and Safety: firesafety@constellationburn.org

If you’re not sure who to email, please contact us at bod@playadelfuego.org and we’ll direct you to the right team.

Reserve Tickets

If you are interested in obtaining a Reserve ticket for Constellation 2018, there are a number of way you can do this.

First, you can step up as a Coordinator or Sphere Lead. These are leadership positions, and we ask that you connect with a member of the Playa del Fuego board of directors or a current Constellation Coordinator if you’re interested in assisting any of these capacities.

Second, you can volunteer for 16 hours during Constellation 2017. Please note that if you choose to volunteer for shifts between midnight and 8am, your time will count double toward this 16 hour goal. Be sure to check-in and check-out at Constellation HQ before and after each shift. This includes if you do back-to-back shifts.

Constellation is a new event, and while we look forward to holding it again in 2018, we are not in a position at to guarantee that it will happen. The Planning Committee for Playa del Fuego may decide to honor Constellation Reserve Tickets for the Spring event, but at this time, a decision has not been made about that.

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