Hanging Balls Theme Camp, photo by Sara Muskulus, PDF Spring 2015

What is a Theme Camp?

Theme camps are groups who provide an interactive experience that helps build the texture of our temporary city. Through the provision of activities, venues, and other participatory efforts, Theme Camps form the foundation to make the city of Constellation come to life.

A Theme Camp is a gift to the entire community.

Does your camp like to cook for others? Does your camp run a bar? You are a Theme Camp! Does your camp host a place to dance and party? You are absolutely a Theme Camp! Maybe your camp is a place where people can relax and recharge. Indeed – still a Theme Camp! Maybe you want to be the place we go to learn and play together. Awesome! You are a Theme Camp!

The idea for Theme Camps draws from the first two Principles of Burning Man: Radical Inclusion and Gifting. As a Theme Camp, you are creating and giving a gift to the entire community without any expectation. You are gifting events, space, creativity and so much more which all help make our event a success. To distinguish between just a group of people camping together and a Theme Camp ask “What is our collective gift to the community?”

We look forward to seeing and enjoying your theme camp. As a theme camp who has applied and been approved for placement by the Placement/City Planning Team, you get:

  • Pre-approved placement!
  • The opportunity to apply for a theme camp art grant to subsidize your camp art/art making!
  • The ability to have directed theme camp tickets (reserved tickets) for your camp to help make sure the core part of your team get tickets
  • The ability to apply for early entry if you need extra setup time!

To apply for placement:

  • Review Sample Questions  You may save a copy of this form, answer the questions and then you will be able to copy and paste into the live form!
  • Theme Camp Applications due dates will be announced soon.