RV Passes – No Longer Available

An RV is defined as any vehicle, independently or when towing another vehicle or trailer, that is bigger than a van.

Requesting RV Pass With Hookup

If you have an RV and are NOT part of a Theme Camp: There are a limited number of General RV passes with full or partial hook-up available for sale at $30 each. These passes are for a designated area only and will be assigned by City Planning based on the dimensions of your RV and the availability as these spots will also be shared with Theme Camp RV pass requests.

Requesting RV Pass Without Hookup

If you wish to have your RV at the event, but do not need hookups, and are not part of a Theme Camp – you can still apply for a General RV pass without hookup. General RV Passes without hookup are free.

RV Part of Theme Camp Requesting Space (With or Without Hookup)

If you have a RV for your theme camp whether requesting hook ups or not, please submit a RV pass application to let us know your needs. Please identify in comments the theme camp you are camping with. We will do our best to accommodate you. However, we cannot guarantee space or a specific space. Please note: Theme Camps with RVs requesting an RV pass with hook ups, will still have to pay the additional $30 fee.


If you arrive without an RV pass for your RV, whether you’re part of a Theme Camp or not, you will be turned away.

Please note: RV parking in certain areas of the site may be subject to weather conditions.

Ops and City Planning will be reviewing all RV requests in the next couple of weeks based on all city planning space requests. Once approved, you will receive either your approved General RV pass without hook ups or a special link to purchase a General RV pass with hookups at one of the designated sites. You should receive an approved pass or link by September 11, 2017.


Car Passes

If you really, we mean reaaaaallllly have to have your car inside the event, you can reserve a Car Camping pass. Car Camping gives you an approximately 10×20 space for your vehicle, your tent and creativity. Car Camping passes are available on a first-come, first-served basis and are for designated Car Camping areas only and require no additional fee. The total number of car passes available will be determined by City Planning in the next couple weeks based on theme camp and other city planning space requests. Please note: Car camping on the site may be subject to weather conditions. If you are not issued a Theme Camp parking pass, RV pass or Car Camping pass, you will be parking in the lot.

If you wish to apply for a car camping pass, please click HERE before September 30th.