Car Passes: As a reminder, ALL vehicles entering the site need a Car Pass (the only exception is RVs that are already approved for an RV Permit!) See our Car Pass FAQs here!

Why are we selling Car Passes this year? In short, because one of our biggest site constraints is how many cars we can park within the event.

We either needed to limit the number of cars or severely limit the number of participants, and we really didn’t like that option!

Knowing the maximum number of cars coming to Constellation helps us with arrival and exodus, as well as makes planning for Gate and Parking much easier on our team leads! It also helps us reduce our impact on the land and encourage carpooling, which is better for the environment. 

When adding the Car Passes, we have been very sensitive to releasing an accurate number based on need. Having seen how the initial introduction of Car Passes was received for Burning Man, we have been very cautious about flooding the market – preferring scarcity (to encourage as much carpooling and creative solutions as possible) over overabundance which could lead to a high number of unused passes.

However, we have been monitoring the site conditions and paying attention to how many Car Passes have popped up for exchange. We anticipate that additional car passes will come available the week of the event, as theme camps start packing and realize that they have excess passes, but we still realize that there is a not-insignificant number of people still looking for Car Passes.

So, what are we going to do to fix this? Our Ops team was on-site recently and based on site conditions, the number of vehicles we have permitted to park within a Theme Camp, and the number of Car Camping Permits issued, we can fit another handful of cars in the parking lot.

Thus, we will be selling an additional 25 Car Passes at 8:00PM on Tuesday, October 8th. Yes, this is a relatively small number, so please continue to utilize the RickyRides page to find or share a ride, and watch for Car Passes coming up for resale. 

What about parking off-site? While we appreciate the work that our participants have put into researching off-site parking options, we ultimately want to keep all event-related cars parked on-site, since we don’t want to just push our impact out to the surrounding community.

Constellation does not endorse any off-site parking options. If you do decide to park off-site and catch a ride, you will not be able to drop your infrastructure at the Gate before going off-site to park, as we do not have room at the Gate to turn vehicles around nor space to store your items while you do this.

Also, since we don’t have the ability to facilitate two-way traffic on the road leading into the event, all vehicles leaving for non-emergency reasons will need to purchase an In & Out Pass in order to re-enter the event.

If you do decide to park off-site, know that YOU are a representative of Constellation out in the community – your actions can affect the security of the event and potentially threaten our ability to continue to have our event at Pegasus Farm. Please remember Civic Responsibility that is an important principle!