Hello Campers!

One of the major changes to the ticketing process for Constellation 2019 is the addition of car passes. We have had a few questions come in and put together this FAQ to help answer the common questions.

Q: I just want to drive on-site, unload my gear, and park in the parking lot. Do I need a car pass? 

A: Yes, every vehicle entering the site requires a car pass. The only exception is if you have applied for and received an RV Permit. (See below for more information!) Unless you plan to take an Uber to the event or have someone drop you off, you need a car pass! The car pass will be collected at the gate, at the same time that you redeem your ticket. 

Q: Why do I need a car pass? 

A: One of our biggest site constraints is how many cars we can park within the event. For those of you that were able to join us for Constellation 2018, you know how the rain and resulting mud made parking cars that much tougher. We don’t want to take space away from theme camps and art and open camping, so we need to limit the number of cars we need to put in the parking lot. We also wanted to increase the number of participants at the event for 2019, while also having control on the amount of cars that arrive onsite. This helps us with arrival and exodus, as well as makes planning for gate and parking much easier on our team leads! 

Q: This is an unfair money grab, you guys suck!

A: Not so much of a question, but yeah, we get what you’re saying. We do understand that the car passes are viewed as a tax on our attendees, but as explained above, we think the car passes are necessary for the health of the event. We hope that the car passes cause our attendees to put some additional thought into their travel plans and consider carpooling to both help the environment and split the cost of the car pass and other travel costs! 

Q: How do I get them?

A: You can purchase the car pass from the ticketing system while purchasing your tickets or you can purchase the car pass separately while there are still passes available.

Q: How much are car passes? And will they increase in price closer to the event?

A: Car passes cost $20. The price will not increase. 

Q: How many car passes are you selling? 

A: Round 1 and Round 2 of ticket sales included 225 car passes each. We also set aside 50 car passes to include as part of the Reserve ticket round. So we will have a minimum of 500 car passes available (with a minimum of 900 tickets available). We may also sell an additional 50-100 car passes (and an additional 100 tickets) as part of the Lightning Round of tickets, depending on site conditions and the number of car passes floating around in the community a month before the event. 

Q: What if this doesn’t work and the parking situation is not improved for Constellation 2019?

A: Well, if that’s the case, we may try something different next year! We’re still working out the best way to run the event, and things can change with new volunteers. If the car passes don’t work, we are open to considering other ideas. If you have any you want to share, you can email producer@constellationburn.org or come talk to Emily and Toaster at the event! 

Q: Do RV’s need a car pass?

A: No, RV’s have a separate application process and permit associated with them. You can apply for an RV Permit via the following form: https://forms.gle/MNz6ujcGx3n5VSKg7. Applications close at 11:59pm EDT on Wednesday, September 4th, and you should receive notification of your approval by Wednesday, September 11, 2019. 

Q: I am driving a van and plan to camp in it. Do I need a car pass to sleep in my van? What if I need my car on-site but want to sleep in a tent? 

A: If you really need to have your car INSIDE the event, you can apply for a Car Camping Permit. Car Camping gives you an approximately 10×20 space for your vehicle, tent, and creativity. Car Camping permits are available on a first-come, first-served basis and are for designated Car Camping areas only. As a reminder, sleeping in your vehicle in the parking lot is NOT allowed! You can apply for a Car Camping Permit via the following form: https://forms.gle/MNz6ujcGx3n5VSKg7. Applications close at 11:59pm EDT on Wednesday, September 4th, and you should receive notification of your approval by Wednesday, September 11, 2019. 

Q: My vehicle is towing a trailer – do I need two passes? 

A: Nope, you only need one pass for a vehicle towing a trailer.

Q: I am with a theme camp and driving a truck with all our infrastructure. Do I need a car pass? How can I keep my truck parked at my camp to store our gear? 

A: Yes, every vehicle entering the site needs a car pass, including theme camp infrastructure. If you wish to apply to park a car, trailer, or truck within your Theme Camp, please note this during your Theme Camp application. 

Q: This generic FAQ does not answer my questions. I am about to rage quit unless I get some help.

A: We’re here to help answer your questions! Email Emily and Toaster at producer@constellationburn.org